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Faith in the Holy Spirit as an all-embracing life-giving and liberating movement can break down belief systems where fetishized commodities, money and technologies turn the gifts of life into instruments for dominion.
Perhaps this is overly cynical, but what in contemporary filmmaking is more indicative of fetishized forays into the world of the under-privileged than an Academy Award for documentary--where the artistic and social elite pick the most deserving film that depicts the underprivileged?
By changing a few extraneous details, O'Brien demonstrates how the very act of looking was already fetishized.
THE NOTORIOUS BETTIE PAGE: No irony in that title (we think); Gretchen Mol plays the widely fetishized nude photo model of the 1950s.
Black women in pornography are keenly aware of how their sexuality is fetishized and marketed in films that are distributed and seen all over the United States and elsewhere in the world.
The glass curtain wall has become a stale emblem of global corporate architecture, and transparency is no longer fetishized with the utopian zeal that defined early Modernism.
No other nation has so fetishized consumption, nor worked harder to forget that consumption ought to serve life, not the reverse.
For Harris the Invisible Man oscillates between seeing the naked blonde woman and wanting to murder her (along with the male viewers who attempt to carry on another implied violent ritual (6)), or psychically identifying with her as a fetishized object of desire and destruction.
After September 11 everyone was talking about masculinity, mostly because any heterosexual woman who hadn't previously fetishized firemen now felt compelled to do so, if only out of gratitude.
I'm not saying we have to be puritans and I'm not a fundamentalist, but as a Catholic and as a father of a daughter, I too get angry at the way women are treated and fetishized in our culture.
It was only in the '60s that Southern, already approaching middle age in a decade that fetishized youth, fully came into his own as a countercultural hipster.
Bobo culture and bobo society is not exactly a grand Hegelian synthesis, since the ability of bourgeois society to transform everything into a fetishized commodity is not aufgehoben but retained in a superficially new, hip form.
usually accompanied by the fetishized desire for (or to become) the
Anne Askew's testimony, and the fetishized history of her martyrdom, is the subject of the first chapter, which argues that those who sought to claim Askew for a Reforming tradition silenced her critique of secular institutions.
Holding flowers while smiling and feigning interest is hard work even when you are not being evaluated for posture, poise and fetishized body parts--as I expect I wasn't.