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By wistfully creating a romanticized view of the past, Moore and Spurlock both infantilize and fetishize the working class, and perpetuate Bourdieu's idea that the media can stigmatize an entire class to themselves and to those around them.
The Bush administration also enjoys broader leeway because it is free of the "vast right-wing conspiracy"--the subsidized scandal-mongering, talk radio, and attack journalism that has no equivalent on the left to fetishize White's travails as conservatives did those of Vince Foster and Webster Hubbell.
Paradoxically, within its pulsing music, gattling-gun editing and grainy, creaky evocations of early film style, this film is also a potent denunciation of those who fetishize images and consume them passively.
As he explains in his full but admirably lucid introduction to the history of the text and to his own practice as editor, Margueron has refused to fetishize the letter of the principal (mostly sole) manuscript source.
The presence of gay or transsexual people isn't required for this approach, so it allows a collection to be flexible and transgressive, but tends to fetishize minorities who aren't present.
Its title refers to the practice of clumsily repairing antiques to extend their life, but the work also seems to poke fun at the way we fetishize functional objects from the past: Several of the vessels are so riddled with holes that they look like they've been unearthed in an archaeological dig, then spruced up for museum display.
The results from this report show Tinseltown's eagerness to not only objectify and fetishize young girls, but to sexualise them in such a way that real teens are led to believe their sole value comes from their sexuality," Fox News quoted PTC President Tim Winter as saying.
We could say that the tailor gives Sir Alexander exactly what he is asking for through puns that work to fetishize Moll.
Because both the black and the white presses fetishize race, he rightly argues that the Negro artist has become" 'a curiosity .
Human behaviour is relative to its historical/cultural moment and is predicated upon what cultural scripts are available to what groups of people in any given era; Kaplan and Wexman explore popular forms of culture that fetishize heterosexual romance and reproduction which act as ideological state apparatus to entrench scripted norms of behaviour within an Oedipal narrative.
By helping scientists, governments, schools, and companies make contraception safer, more effective, and easier to use, the anti-abortion movement could claim those undecided on the abortion issue, convincing them that it truly cares about and understands women-sexually active, morally complex women-and doesn't just fetishize the lives within their wombs.
The connection between Leninism and Stalinism has remained a point of controversy that Marot argues can best be understood in terms of "the Bolshevik Party as the organization structurally linking to two epochs," which political historians and social historians fetishize, allowing in different ways for them to ignore the Party's relationship to the worker movement.
Thus Dreaming Black/Writing White exposes a hitherto obscure facet of the tendency to fetishize blackness that Toni Morrison finds at the heart of our national literature and which Gabler-Hover discovers at the core of antebellum America's literary and visual culture.