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one who engages in fetishism (especially of a sexual nature)

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All the characters seem to lead lives of quiet desperation and most hide a dark secret, whether it be the alcoholic vicar's wife in Bed Among the Lentils or Miss Fozzard's visits to the foot fetishist in the latest series.
Police who raided the home of a sado-masochistic fetishist were astonished to find 10,000 pairs of socks littering his flat, Liverpool Crown Court heard yesterday.
Police appealed last night to other women who may have been targeted by the tinned food foot fetishist.
At the end of the first act Jerry gets shot by a nappy-wearing fetishist aiming at a member of the dancing Ku Klux Klan group.
The fetishist may wear the corset not so much for itself as for its work on the body--its ability to make a mark, to leave a trace on fallible flesh.
Post-Marxist ideologue seeks down-to-earth Frida Kahlo fetishist - no fatties
If, as Freud has argued, paint can "work as flesh," then the bumps and crevices created by his use of chremnitz white (a heavy, leaden pigment that gathers in large granules when spread) have been designed to arrest the eye as it takes its pleasures, just as any part of the body or its contiguities might arrest the fetishist.
A VAMPIRE fetishist who molested a girl of 15 and made her drink his blood was jailed for two years yesterday.
A TRAIN fetishist who committed indecent acts on himself in stations has been banned for a second time.
Unfortunately, the presenter of What Not To Wear slipped when she rolled up her trousers to show us her "killer fetishist boots".
The fetishist did not speak during a brief appearance at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday.
She explained: "The man I had to whip was a real-life fetishist and he was pleading for more.
CONFESSED foot fetishist has been jailed for 16 weeks for filming a woman's feet.
Stepping into his outfit, he observes: "It feels like a sort of fetishist morris dancer costume.
A RADIO DJ has kicked up a stink after a foot fetishist asked her to send him a pair of her smelliest shoes.