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one who engages in fetishism (especially of a sexual nature)

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Within Freud's theory, the original object in question, driving the fetishist to seek erotic enjoyment in such disparate and decorative objects as shoes, ribbons, skirt hems, and locks of hair, is in itself an exemplary one, as a frequently quoted line from his essay signals: "When now I announce that the fetish is a substitute for the penis, I shall certainly create disappointment; so I hasten to add that it is not a substitute for any chance penis, but for a particular and quite special penis that had been extremely important in childhood but had later been lost" ("Fetishism" 54).
Major show of charismatic iconoclast and felt fetishist Joseph Beuys who pushed the boundaries of art with his subversive vitrines and performances.
A Norwegian foot fetishist has reportedly been found guilty by a court for the sixth time.
His book sets out to explore this proposition by showing, first, that Hemingway was a fetishist and how he came to be one; and second, why it was that hair in particular became his fetish of choice.
A RUBBER fetishist wearing a wetsuit and black leather boots "gyrated" outside his victim's home.
A RADIO DJ has kicked up a stink after a foot fetishist asked her to send him a pair of her smelliest shoes.
So there we have it, a pointless owner, an average manager, a reviled sponsor, a ban-happy (optimistically named) media overlord and a myopic Harlequin fetishist designing our kit.
course for him than playing the S&M fetishist billionaire Christian Grey," (http://deadline.
Other of her more unusual clients include The Adult Baby, The Wrestling Fetishist and Count Dracula himself.
A TERRIFIED teenage girl was pulled to the ground as she walked home alone and robbed of her black patent leather pumps - by a shoe fetishist.
I think it was stolen for a fetishist," he told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.
A self-confessed footwear fetishist originally from Stockton who stole shoes from women will not face a retrial on a sexual assault charge.
THE jury in the trial of a man they heard was a footwear fetishist who robbed a string of women of their shoes to feed a "sexual obsession" has been discharged after failing to reach a verdict.
But Costume Party also introduces some of history's marginal figures to upset the period archetypes: a park flasher, a leather fetishist, and an aging hippie chick scramble signification vaudeville-style.
She added: "The man I whipped was a fetishist - so I delighted in giving it to him hard