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But I would warn against fetishising localism - which I think is a danger of the Blue Labour agenda - whether from the perspective of historicism, participatory democracy or social capital.
AR: There are lots of people who are very fierce about this type of thing, fetishising the authentic.
With the emphasis on innocence and purity, there certainly seems to be a correlation in the way Williams also resists fetishising the elaborate, protracted and sadistic degradations to which these young women were allegedly subjected.
So I was gearing up for a bit of a rant about the dangerous fetishising of the fatties and the thinnies, but everyone's been at it this week.
Such ironic representations are not out of place in Conrad, considering that his work serves the broader purpose of deconstructing stereotypes ingrained in the Victorian Imaginary--a Lacanian construct which Homi Bhabha construes as the fetishising of difference as well as a disavowal of it (1994: 77).
Commemoration holds dual temptations: it either risks fetishising the past as if it is not viewing the past from its perspective in the present, or it risks fetishising the present as if it inherits no traces of the past.
Moreover, we risk fetishising ease and comfort, and thereby living in a way that strikes at one of the bases of human meaning: namely that human existence gains meaning in the inevitability of our mortality.
Seth Giddings, of the University of Wales College, Newport, and the University of the West of England, will be exploring the rise of the Tomb Raider girl in his talk Fetishising Lara Croft.
They are to situate themselves in opposition to Whites without fetishising themselves.
Marx encounters the analytical problem that the object of his investigation is a deeply occluded, fetishising system.
Equally important have been the sculptures of Alberto Giacometti, both the prewar fetishising objects and the emaciated postwar Existentialist figures.
Eliot shared Pound's distaste for the fetishising of the past, often equating culture with tradition and novelty.
He's sick, he says, of the connotations of the Streets, of the 'Fit But You Know It' Bacardi Breezer Saturday night brawl, of middle class journalists fetishising the urban poor (I might have added that bit).