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David fetishises Melanie's body to a very notable degree, dwelling upon her girlishly slim hips, her perky breasts; one may say that he evidently likes her, or at least some parts of her.
A company focused on being the best at what it does is more likely to make consistent returns for shareholders than a company that fetishises shareholder value.
As someone who fetishises physical objects, the notion of books and magazines in the future being entirely digital depresses me.
He points to the talismanic function of "the record" and fetishises the archive.
The lingering depiction of towns, cliffs, land and sea spectacularly fetishises both the landscape and the art which depicts it.
Ironically, in Behan's play it is the prostitute Ropeen who fetishises her botanic symbol of middle-class conformity, just as Dunlavin in The Quare Fellow bathetically shined his Tittle bit of china'--a prison chamber pot--at his cell door.
But when they return to her through Donati, she fetishises them as a token of sexual fulfilment to come.
The second point concerns the perils of a world that fetishises originality.