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make a fetish of

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The Great British Menu fetishises gastronomic meritocracy but brings its Michelin-starred cookery and regional competition to 'the public' via its own distancing televisual spectacle.
The entire premise of the story fetishises primogeniture, heredity and aristocracy: the wizarding world belongs to the glittering ubermensch, and those lucky enough to be born into it, or special enough to enter it, are destined for a life more resplendent and exciting than anything the rest of us muggles (non-magical humans) can hope for.
As someone who fetishises physical objects, the notion of books and magazines in the future being entirely digital depresses me.
The lingering depiction of towns, cliffs, land and sea spectacularly fetishises both the landscape and the art which depicts it.
San Juan fetishises what he perceives to be the 'exceptionalism' of the Philippines.
In this sense ideology fetishises the world of appearance, separates it from its real connection.