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The allure of the perfectly regimented force somehow standing above humanity and humility still proves tantalising to those who are unlucky enough to fetishise the gothic regalia of National Socialism, Nazism and fascism.
In his world, pro-lifers can be "easily dismissed as extremists who fetishise pictures of dead babies.
But the timing of a golden age tends to coincide with the youth of the people who fetishise it, so I guess we must be talking about the 1960s and 1970s, that time of presumed freedom, hedonism and pure creativity.
She is not one to fetishise woodfiring and her sense of humour is too lively for any espousal of a grand aesthetic mission.
That takes me to your main challenge, the sense that 'Blue Labour' might be tempted to fetishise localism at the expense of national, collective action.
In fact, as Griffiths (1994:71) already commented about Australian literature twelve years ago, focusing on indigenous literature should not fetishise and mythologise "authenticity" as a key aspect of indigenous literary discourse, because it could inhibit "an effective strategy of recuperation and resistance" (Griffiths, 1994:70).
You might think that the latter would have no alternative but to treat artefacts as active agents but this is not to fetishise the process.
How do you feel about when it came out on video and the British Censors cut bits of those injection scenes, exactly because they said that addicts fetishise the act of injection.
We should not fetishise the present any more than the past, critical judgment is vital in assessing the true value of both.
In removing the material from the process, Peterson highlights those fundamental qualities of clay that make it most desirable, while ironically undercutting ceramists tendency to fetishise those qualities.
A more critical connection is that they all fetishise, indeed, eroticise, the automobile and what the automobile represents: futurity, 'progress', modernity, the conquering of time and space.
A few of us, admittedly, even fetishise them in a somewhat strange way, but the majority just finds them just extremely interesting.
As Gardiner comments: "to fetishise the 'authentic' object does not necessarily foster empathy with or understanding of those who lived with it, nor does it automatically raise questions about how the object was made [and] under what conditions" (Gardiner 2002).
Rembarrnga appeared ungrateful, they did not fetishise goods and they were mystified by the mechanics of funding, and these conditions created crises of confidence among officials and advisers in the Gulperan project.
In the language of psychoanalysis, we need to be careful of our own needs to fetishise theory.