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At this point in the text, the repetition of the Afrikaans and Sepedi names together within a limited textual space, and the invocation of a law dating back to 1961 causes an implosion of the Afrikaner fetishisation of difference.
As such, her work repudiates the fetishisation of the individual as the propelling agent of upwardly mobile culture, as exemplified in the poem, 'Be Someone':
The case abounds in ironies: what might Kafka have made of the fetishisation of his handwriting, of the assertions of national, linguistic and religious belonging made on his behalf?
The place that phenomenological writer David Michael Levin gives to the construction of a 'listening self,' as an alternative to the subject validated through its optical jurisdiction, is provocative as critique for the fetishisation of sight in modernist painting; it is particularly resonant for an artist like Martin who grounds his painterly imaginary in various forms of minimal and ambient electroacoustic practices, as much as in the language of visual art.
Muslim activists similarly take inspiration from Islam's essentially "orthopraxic" nature, which demands ethical behaviour as much as proper religious practice, to challenge the fetishisation of violence among militants.
As a white Anglo-Canadian of British heritage whose scholarly work as a social anthropologist focuses on Harari culture, Gibb is open to accusations of cultural appropriation, what Graham Huggan calls "the fetishisation of cultural otherness that allows metropolitan readers to exercise fantasies of unrestricted movement and free will" and which "turns the literatures/cultures of the 'non-Western' world into saleable exotic objects" (10).
Each time authentic Hitleriana goes to public auction, one inevitably and understandable hears as much protesting as bidding -- accusations of profiteering; concern about fetishisation of the dead Nazi leader; disquiet over the nature of potential buyers ("What kind of person would want this stuff?
The project is aimed at helping to break down what Feras describes as the "glamorisation of violence and fetishisation of guns" which occurred under the Ba'ath regime.
The fetishisation of paid work undermines women's traditional roles but reinforces men's.
26) In 'Ladies shot and painted: Female embodiment in Surrealist art', Mary Ann Caws identifies the way Surrealist images of feminine bodies eroticised this sense of Otherness through the functions of fetishisation and objectification.
In all their various manifestations, cultural buildings add a vital impetus to civic life, though it should also be recognised that the fetishisation of tediously 'iconic' new galleries, museums and concert halls as a magic salve to wider problems is not necessarily an unmixed good.
The myriad names by which Rosencruetz refers to Fevvers indicates her liminal and semantically slippery status, but he also displays a fetishisation of Fevvers' ambiguity and an intent to harness the libratory power of her potentiality.
But his efforts are unsuccessful and his unattainable love for both a pre-Oedipal and his real father is redirected in adulthood to an obsessive devotion to books and the fetishisation of Henry Bear, who becomes emblematic of his father after his death.
Maybe in future works Tsiolkas can confront the devils of homophobia, masculinity and femininity, and their volatile embodiments, without retreading the badly worn pathways of racial stereotyping or blue-collar fetishisation.