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which spent several months on CMJ's Top 200 -- was an archetypal 'break-up' album, the new record focuses on the inevitable self-assessment of one's limited stay on this fetid orb.
Both have a misguided view of the world not based on reality, but forged in the fetid depths of their depraved imaginations.
In October and November, the central plains and parts of Bangkok were hit by the worst floods in five decades, but the resulting inundations were fetid and unsuitable for the Aeges aegypti to breed.
Their bodies were allegedly left in the tiny, fetid room for more than a month until they were dumped on a highway.
I COMPLETELYagree with your columnist Will Batchelor, who correctly identifies the rioters for what they really are - "a fetid underclass of morons", devoid of "intelligence, morals or responsibility".
Crumbling crumbs of contaminated equality, picked over scraps, fetid morsels of liberty lobbed casually from passing callousness to fall foul on drenched feet standing yet held bondage still in their brethren's woes and rigor mortis.
Cholesteatomas often present with fetid otorrhea, but in this case, progressive hearing loss secondary to poor air conduction was the only presenting symptom.
Occasionally an office rebel will defy the ruling not to take hot food to their work station and the fetid air will be charged, temporarily, with the irresistible aroma of a contraband meat pie.
the fetid, fretful tropics Cupid and pin the rap on scissor-tailed
Israeli forces responded by firing gas and fetid water at the level of the heads of demonstrators.
anything other than those dark streets overrun with rats, oozing with fetid water, filled with piles of refuse.
BEIRUT: Fetid squatter toilets in bathrooms that open onto other rooms, drinking water contaminated with fecal matter and rusty zinc roofs protected from the elements by flimsy plastic sheeting: according to a new report, these features can be found at a number of Palestinian houses outside of Lebanon's official refugee camps.
At one point yesterday Ken was squatting by a bunker like a contestant on Watercolour Challenge, scrawling what my fetid mind took to be phallic images on a whiteboard.
Residents have been forced to live with the stench of the fetid green pools of raw sewage.
She walks fetid streets encountering prostitutes, cut purses and thieves.