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the act of destroying a fetus


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Donald De Souza, deputy secretary general of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India, said in early February that the order comes against the backdrop of the church's decades-long fight against the "evil practices" of abortion and female feticide.
Various methods of feticide with differing success rates are described, including intra-umbilical lidocaine and KCl,8-13 intracardiac KCl,9 cardiac tamponade with normal saline10 and aspiration of blood from the fetal heart.
She concluded that sex-selective abortion, or "feminine feticide," has been common among Italy's Chinese and Indian immigrant populations, and also, to a lesser extent, among Albanians.
198) Advocates suggest that this is a more ethical approach than using prenatal sex determination followed by selective female feticide.
These court rulings demonstrate at a state level how a feticide law's novel grant of fetal rights can quickly spread to other statutes.
He noted that the scheme will significantly help to curb the heinous crime of female feticide in the society.
In the context of such skewed numbers, when a white male prosecutor fails to secure an indictment in Ferguson and another sends a woman of color in Indiana to prison for 20 years for feticide, we have to ask serious questions about systemic bias.
After five hours of deliberations, a jury in Indiana convicted Purvi Patel of feticide and neglect of a dependent.
At a policy level, campaigners against sex selection use emotive word such as gendercide and feticide to equate abortion with murder, and in some cases the religious anti-choice lobby are closely involved and even motivating such campaigns.
Speaking on the occasion, the 'ja Nachle' star appealed to everyone to take a pledge against female feticide and make this world a better place.
The problem of systematic abuse of women will only be solved by changing entrenched culture norms that allow the abuse and degradation of women, of which girl's feticide is a clear example.
That is an important comment, because it suggests that these women's experience of life gives them a greater understanding of the dynamics of maternal-infant bonding, which makes them resist the idea of feticide because they have a greater sense of reverence for the personhood of their babies.
The number of abortions cannot be seen only in the light of female feticide," he added.
Helen Saldanha, secretary of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India Office for Women, comes as momentum builds to end female feticide, a practice that finds families terminating a pregnancy because the child they are expecting is a girl.
Rajendra Kale, temporary editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, proposed that, in order to put an end to female feticide, Canada should prohibit disclosing a child's sex until 30 weeks gestation when, he said, "an unquestioned abortion is all but impossible.