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the act of destroying a fetus


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Due to the ongoing practice of female feticide, the national average sex ratio in India was 940 females for every 1,000 males, according to a (http://censusindia.
The need of the hour is to expand the awareness about female feticide so that people can recognize it as a social issue and can further try to control it.
Following a trial that took place over six days and which 20 witnesses offered testimony, Patel was convicted of feticide and child neglect.
Feticide began in the early 1990s, when ultrasound techniques were introduced in India, and therefore became widely used.
Avachat S, Raut P, Zambare M, Gund D, Pundkar R (2013) Perspectives of medical interns regarding female feticide and declining sex ratio in India.
For example, on the issue of female feticide, he built up the featured women as mothers first, since mothers are revered in Indian culture, and only after that explains that the women are forced into the age-old practice of aborting pregnancies that would produce female babies.
Let us join hands to abolish female feticide and make this world a better place", she added.
That is an important comment, because it suggests that these women's experience of life gives them a greater understanding of the dynamics of maternal-infant bonding, which makes them resist the idea of feticide because they have a greater sense of reverence for the personhood of their babies.
In the coming twenty years or so nearly two crore of our boys won't get girls to marry," Sharma said, adding that it was unfortunate that female feticide was prevalent among literate people.
The number of abortions cannot be seen only in the light of female feticide," he added.
In March 2011, a young, pregnant woman in the US state of Indiana was arrested and charged with feticide, following ah attempt to commit suicide by swallowing rat poison.
Helen Saldanha, secretary of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India Office for Women, comes as momentum builds to end female feticide, a practice that finds families terminating a pregnancy because the child they are expecting is a girl.
Rajendra Kale, temporary editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, proposed that, in order to put an end to female feticide, Canada should prohibit disclosing a child's sex until 30 weeks gestation when, he said, "an unquestioned abortion is all but impossible.
India, May 12 -- The week Bollywood star Aamir Khan initiated a campaign against female feticide through television serial Satyamev Jayate there was an attempt in Ghaziabad to bury an unwarranted girl child alive.
What is important to note here is that this data is not just about the systematic prevention of birth and continuity of females through sex-selected feticide, but it is also about the widespread and systematic killing of girls who are 6 years and under.