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the act of destroying a fetus


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20] These risks include premature labor, transfer of the feticidal agent into the blood circulation of the selected survivor, hemodynamic complications in the survivor and chorioamnionitis.
If medical developments caused the threshold of viability to shift much earlier, a fetus could be viable at the time during which it is safer for the woman to perform the abortion in a predictably feticidal manner, such as dilatation and evacuation.
But there is another reason to believe babies are surviving abortions: the specter of abortionists changing their abortion procedures because "many researchers want tissue from late-gestation infants 'untainted by feticidal agents,'" to quote from the final report of The House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives issued in January 2017.
For their abortion "procedures," both she and Orlando abortionists are trained to not use digoxin, a feticidal chemical that stops unborn babies' "cardiac activity" before it's taken from the womb.