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of or relating to a fetus


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Fetal heart should be examined in optimal fetal position during routine antenatal ultrasonographic evaluation, and in the presence of a mass lesion in the fetal heart, rhabdomyoma should be suspected as the most possible diagnosis.
If during an earthquake you cannot escape out of the structure lie in fetal position near a large object.
The patent pending SwaddleTech Pouch - the cornerstone of the system - comfortably eases the legs into the fetal position while at rest, but allows the legs and hips to extend and stretch in the same way they do inside the womb.
One of the bodies was lying face up and the other was buried in a fetal position.
Strange and vivid flashes swept over me the young soldier in El Salvador who had been shot through the back of the head and was, as I crouched next to him, slowly curling up in a fetal position to die; the mutilated corpses of Kosovar Albanians in the back of a flatbed truck; the screams of a woman, her entrails spilling out of her gaping wounds, on the cobblestones of a Sarajevo street,.
We threw on this album as a fluke and four songs in I was crawling beneath my desk in the fetal position and said something really embarrassing about love which I will not repeat here but relates to feeling totally emotionally moved by the pianos, lovely weird cricket drums and earnest layered man-singing of this South African composer/ film-scorer.
LABUL (PAN): Too weak to move out of the fetal position or even utter a noise, a malnourished two-year-old girl, weighing merely seven pounds, was nursed back to health by Afghan and Coalition medics in the southern Zabul province.
If there's a mixed message out there about the sport of mixed-martial arts, it's that bludgeoning an opponent into the fetal position is OK because, before long, it'll be drawing bigger audiences than boxing or fake wrestling.
On several occasions, witness (W) saw detainees (Ds) in interrogation rooms chained hand and foot in fetal position to the floor with no chair, food, or water; most urinated or defecated on themselves and were left there eighteen, twenty-four hours, or more.
Ellice Lieberman, et al, published their study "Changes in Fetal Position During Labor and Their Association With Epidural Analgesia" in Obstetrics and Gynecology, the journal of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG).
Isaiah's vision undoes all that kind of pretense and reduces the priest to lying on the floor in the fetal position.
One FBI agent stated in a July 29, 2004, report that some detainees were found "chained hand and foot in a fetal position to the floor, with no chair, food, or water.
The Doomscale is now bleeding and in fetal position.