fetal movement

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motion of a fetus within the uterus (usually detected by the 16th week of pregnancy)

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With more than a decade of experience in hardware innovation, the scientist led the team in developing the fetal heart rate and fetal movement monitoring technologies.
Thus, the ruling of abortion in the law is similar to the ruling in Islamic jurisprudence; prohibited after the fetal movement in the mother's womb (after souls breathe in the fetus).
Surprisingly, the best known text in the Western world depicting fetal movement is the visitation of Mary and Elizabeth from the Gospel according to St.
moves from a consideration of fetal movement to an argument that seems to have more potential for the pro-life side, namely, what he terms the brain criterion: that a "fetus acquires a right to life when it acquires a brain.
A biophysical profile includes assessment of fetal movement, tone, breathing, liquor volume, and fetal heart assessment with a non-stress test.
The number of acquisitions and the exam time are directly dependent upon fetal movement, with the total number of sequences often ranging between 20 to 25, yielding an average exam time of 30 to 55 min.
This experience leads some to ask, "How can a woman who experiences fetal movement still opt for an abortion?
An absence of fetal movement was reported since 39 weeks' gestation, no fetal heartbeat could be identified with cardiotocography and intrauterine death was diagnosed.
Later that months, after feeling no fetal movement for approximately 24 hours, S.
For example, variation may increase during fetal movement.
Tenders are invited for N S T Machine Coddle Grah Portable Fetal Monitor Colour Tft With Tilt Adjustment Twin Monitoring Facilities, Waveform Display And Digital Simultaneously Pulse Doppler With 9 Elements For Better Sensitivity Advance Digital Signal Process Technology Battery Upto 3 Hours Inbuilt High Resolution Therma Array Printer Patient Data Storage Of 10H Hrs Automatic Fetal Movement Detection Extreme Light Weight 1.
I instruct patients who remain undelivered to eat a regular diet (no salt restriction) and to restrict their activity, I also ask them to report any symptoms of severe preeclampsia and to come immediately to the hospital or office if they develop abdominal pain, uterine contractions, vaginal spotting, or decreased fetal movement.
Indeed the less stringent attitude to abortion prior to quickening was the result of the belief that human life was not provably present prior to fetal movement.
They have felt fetal movement, often they're visibly pregnant.
Kleiman's office, the patient complained of a reduction in fetal movement.