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the act of observing something (and sometimes keeping a record of it)

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The new Fetal Monitoring Workstation features a fully configurable, adjustable and ergonomic design with monitoring, displays, accessories and EMR hardware all integrated into a single module cart that supports multiple users.
The Meridian M110 Fetal Monitoring System acquires and displays FHR, MHR and UA from abdominal surface electrodes that detect the fetal ECG signals, maternal ECG signals, and of uterine muscle contraction signals.
The external fetal monitoring device was the first electronic monitor to trace fetal heart rate and is still used today, varied only slightly from original design.
6) Results of fetal monitoring were correlated with the Apgar score of the neonate.
Human error was the most common cause of birth asphyxia with 50% attributed to inadequate fetal monitoring, 14% lack of clinical knowledge, 11% non-compliance to clinical guidelines, 10% failure to ask for senior medical assistance, and 4% were errors in drug administration.
Featuring open-architecture, modular design that's the hallmark of all GCX mounting solutions, the Fetal Monitoring Workstation is easily configured to accommodate a wide range of fetal monitor and IT hardware.
The authors conclude that electronic fetal monitoring is here to stay despite its many shortcomings (failure to interpret CTG traces, failure to incorporate the clinical picture, delay in taking action and poor communication and documentation standards).
In spite of these findings, electronic fetal monitoring for low-risk labouring women remains the method of choice in many institutions.
Does knowledge of fetal oxygen saturation in conjunction with electronic fetal monitoring lead to fewer cesarean deliveries or improved neonatal outcomes?
Further, the court concluded that the plaintiffs' failure to move to compel the production of the fetal heart monitoring strips at any time prior to the filing of the notice of the missing fetal monitoring strips constituted a waiver of the plaintiffs' right to move for sanctions.
She could use a fetal monitoring machine to make sure the unborn babies were doing OK, but the machine costs almost $4,000 - more than her tiny clinic could afford.
There's more reliance on electronic fetal monitoring, greater acceptance of epidurals and more genetic testing before the twentieth week of pregnancy.
We also repair fetal monitoring cables, ECG recording and monitoring cables, Holter monitors, and Respirometers and offer quantity discounts.
The same was true if the jury answered the fetal monitoring issue for or against UCH.
on September 3, the fetal monitoring strip data was somewhat abnormal, but within acceptable parameters.