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an electronic monitor that monitors fetal heartbeat and the mother's uterine contractions during childbirth

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The court held, inter alia, that because the plaintiff was at a significant disadvantage in proving his claim due to the absence of the fetal monitor strips, the plaintiff was entitled to an adverse inference charge at trial with respect to the fetal heart monitor strips.
In the early days, fetal monitor strips were not kept as part of the hospital chart.
The court found that there was evidence from which the jury could have found that the defendants failed to monitor the patient and that the reason they did not take any action when the fetal monitor strips were "unreadable" was because they were "unaware" of it.
A) Lot 1 Includes the purchase, delivery and installation of sixteen Hospital Beds with Protection Plan B) Lot 2 Includes the purchase, delivery and installation of eighteen Over Bed Table, eighteen Bedside Cabinet, two OB Fetal Monitor Cabinet and two OB Delivery Cart
Chart 4 5: Fetal Monitor Market, Europe, 2010 - 2020 45
As the obstetrics staff pleaded with her to allow attachment of a fetal monitor, Zimmerman at first refused.
An optional mechanical heart creates fetal heart sounds for testing fetal monitor ultrasound cables and transducers.
That situation should be avoided because once you put on a fetal monitor, you need to be prepared to intervene based on the information you receive, she added.
Tenders are invited for Fetal Monitor for Women%s Eastern Reception and Diagnostic Correctional Center
Contract awarded for fetal monitor repair edan mark well located at 391 183 labor and delivery.
Contract awarded for termosensible paper 120 x 100 mm fetal monitor for print.
PRODUCT LAUNCHES II-46 Shenzhen Everycom Technology Secures CE Approval for its Pocket Fetal Doppler II-46 Philips Unveils Avalon CL Cableless Fetal Monitoring Solution II-46 Bellabeat Unveils Bellabeat Shell II-46 CliniComp International Unveils Fetal Monitoring Mobile Application II-46 Sense4Baby Obtains 510(k) Clearance and CE Mark for Wireless Fetal Monitor II-46 Wipro Unveils Wipro AssureHealth Platform II-46 PeriGen Unveils PeriCALM PlusTM Fetal Surveillance System II-47 Neurocare Center Introduces Neurocare-FM-700 II-47 6.
Contract awarded for fetal monitor repairs mark danatech 303291 well located in outpatient fetal monitoring.
Contract awarded for fetal monitor repair mark danatech 319000 well located in outpatient fetal monitoring.