fetal membrane

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any membrane that functions for the protection or nourishment or respiration or excretion of a developing fetus

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Researchers also found women who had labor induced for medical reasons had the highest rates of fetal membrane infections, followed by women who were induced without an obvious medical reason.
Messersmith's synthetic polymer is formulated as a rapidly solidifying liquid glue that adheres to the wet tissue and seals fetal membrane defects.
Any pregnant woman with an infection of the fetal membrane or uterus, or whose "water breaks"--meaning the membrane has ruptured--should be treated promptly with antibiotics or induced to deliver if she is close to term, he says.
A second expert had stated that the only reasonable cause for the rupture of her fetal membrane was illness from the S.
The fetal membrane is the structure that surrounds the developing fetus.
Fetal membrane specimens were taken from another 18 women with preterm PROM but were excluded from the main analysis because these women lacked a chorion laeve.
AMNISURE(TM) -- AmniSure(TM) is a new diagnostic device that solves a long-standing problem in obstetric practice -- diagnosis of premature rupture of fetal membrane (PROM).
Bifidobacteria have also been found in meconium, amniotic fluid, fetal membranes, and umbilical cord blood taken from healthy mothers and infants.
Providing means for urgent screening Urinary toxic with automated reading of premature rupture of fetal membranes readers, reagents and consumables, accessories, spare parts and maintenance / replacement related.
fluid, which would indicate that the fetal membranes had ruptured, with
After 12-weeks gestational age, this protein is found in increasing concentrations in maternal serum (59), because it diffuses across fetal membranes and is also transported by diffusion into the maternal placental circulation (60).
Induction of pro-inflammatory cytokine gene expression and apoptosis in human chorion cells of fetal membranes by influenza virus infection: possible implications for maintenance and interruption of pregnancy during infection.
Studies have suggested that bacterial infections of the placenta and fetal membranes may play a major role in preterm birth.
This protein serves as the 'glue' that holds the fetal membranes down to the uterus, and women who have excessive leakage of this protein into the cervicovaginal discharge are at risk of delivering early.