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oxygen deficiency causing a very strong drive to correct the deficiency

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89) However, a sample of umbilical blood may not be obtained at delivery, so nucleated red blood cell counts in histologic placental sections can be used as a surrogate test for fetal hypoxia.
Late decelerations are indicators of fetal hypoxia.
Activin A plasma levels at birth: an index of fetal hypoxia in preterm newborn.
Toxicities result from the drug's sympathomimetic properties, which lead to hypertension and vasoconstriction, causing decreased uterine blood flow and fetal hypoxia.
All of these risk factors have been associated previously with risk of SIDS[26-35] and can be linked to either maternal or fetal hypoxia during pregnancy.
This redistribution phenomenon, called the brain-sparing effect, correlates with the degree of fetal hypoxia and the perinatal outcome (27-29); adverse effects of hypoxemia on brain maturation have been demonstrated in clinical and histologic studies (30-32).
Open-glottis pushing, on the other hand, allows the patient to exhale while bearing down and leads to minimal increases in maternal blood pressure and intrathoracic pressure, maintained blood flow, and decreased fetal hypoxia.
11,21] These 4 processes are all potential causes of fetal hypoxia by virtue of either obstruction or predisposition to vasospasm in major vessels that deliver fetal blood to and from the site of gas exchange.
Lipid peroxidation in cord blood at birth: a marker of fetal hypoxia during labour.
The device was shown in a large randomized clinical trial conducted in Sweden to improve outcomes by increasing clinicians' ability to identify fetal hypoxia and intervene rapidly, said Dr.
However, increased activin A concentrations have been reported in amniotic fluid of a patient who subsequently died from intrauterine fetal hypoxia (23) and in the plasma of hypoxic preterm newborns (21), suggesting a role for activin A in the events cascade leading to hypoxic ischemic brain damage.
It can be influenced by fetal sleep, fetal movement, administration of medications, and fetal hypoxia," Dr.