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of or relating to a fetus


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Changes in the biochemical composition of fetal fluids and maternal blood serum during different days of gestation in cattle.
In contrast, our previous data did not show any significant abnormality in the fetal fluid composition on Days 90 and 180 of gestation, despite the increase in allantoic fluid volume in IVF-derived pregnancies on Day 180 (32).
Torsion may also occur due to running of animal, loss of fetal fluids and movement of animal up and down the hill (Roberts, 1971).
A two years old ewe was presented with a history of dystocia for a few hours with loss of fetal fluids.
The cervix was fully dilated and uterine cavity was dry and devoid of fetal fluids.
In delayed cases, fetal fluids are lost and uterine wall is tightly wrapped around fetus.
Components of the former were separated into uterus (uterine tissue with placenta and placentomas), fetuses and fetal fluid.
We divided the animal body into six fractions: maternal body, femur, fetus, fetal fluid, uterus and mammary gland.