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of or relating to a fetus


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Components of the former were separated into uterus (uterine tissue with placenta and placentomas), fetuses and fetal fluid.
We divided the animal body into six fractions: maternal body, femur, fetus, fetal fluid, uterus and mammary gland.
Mineral content in samples of empty body, femur, fetus, uterus, fetal fluid, mammary gland, feed ingredients, feed leftovers, feces and urine was determined by digestion in nitric (NH[O.
A large proportion of fetal research involves examination and culture of fetal cells and tissues, placental material, fetal fluids, and organs obtained from the dead fetus.
Measurements took into account the entire "conceptus" - the fetus itself, plus fetal membranes, fetal fluids, and placental tissue.