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Fetal dystocia was relieved by mutational operations followed by gentle traction with a survival rate of 88.
Among the causes, fetal dystocia was observed to be the most common.
Therefore an effort is made to record incidence and factors influencing fetal dystocia in female dogs.
Clinical records of dystocia cases presented between January' 2007 and March' 2012 as well as clinical cases of dystocia handled during the course of present study (April' 2011 and March' 2012) were pooled together to analyze the overall incidence of fetal or maternal dystocia and various factors influencing incidence of fetal dystocia.
A lower frequency of fetal dystocia as compared to maternal causes has also been reported by Gaudet (1985) and Darveild and Forsberg (1994), Michel and Reichler, (2008), Sergio and Matthew, (2009), Oluwatoyin and Fayemi, (2011) and Murthy (2011).
It was also observed that lateral deviation of head as a cause of fetal dystocia was recorded in a slightly higher number of animals as compared to ventral flexion (Table 3).
Several studies have documented a significant effect of breed of dam on incidence of fetal dystocia in canines.