fetal distress

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an abnormal condition of a fetus

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gyns, 22% alleged that physicians did not treat fetal distress in a timely fashion, according to a study by the Doctors Company, a national medical liability insurer.
Of note, we found a high CS rate in group 10 (<37 weeks' gestation), the main indications for CS in this group being fetal distress, HDP and abruptio placentae.
The outcome criteria of interest were: mode of delivery, fetal distress, meconium in liquor, Apgar score at 1 and 5 minutes, neonatal mortality, neonatal intensive care unit (ICU) or high-care admission and meconium aspiration.
Mrs Evans said that if the baby's heart had been properly monitored, the midwife would have spotted the fetal distress sooner and Milly would have been delivered earlier and not suffered catastrophic injury.
In the presented case MCA Doppler measurement showed that the PSV was critically high level; however, before further testing could be performed the patient was delivered prematurely due to fetal distress.
As with Jellett, it remains unclear from reading Corkill (1932), as to how often auscultation of the FH was recommended during suspected episodes of fetal distress nor if action such as a caesarean section was performed in other than a significantly obstructed labour.
When fetal distress or injury occurs, the typical reaction is, "thank goodness we were at the hospital," even though the hospital may have actually caused the problem.
Although caesarean section has a slightly reduced risk of fetal death at birth, with cephalic presentation it is significantly associated with an increase in severe neonatal morbidity and mortality, independent of fetal distress and gestational age.
Fetal distress during labor is recognized as one of the greatest complexities of childbirth and therefore a significant issue insofar as risk management is concerned.
All were delivered by emergency cesarean section because of acute fetal distress, defined according to guidelines of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (8).
Artificially-induced labors increase the rate of fetal distress and a serious complication of labor called shoulder dystocia (when the baby's shoulders have difficulty passing through the mother's pelvic bones).
We're gratified that the evidence against widespread episiotomy use has finally reached the public, and hope the procedure will only be used when it is truly necessary, such as in the event of fetal distress.
Early spontaneous rupture of membranes initiated preterm labor, and a cesarean section was performed at 36 weeks' gestation because of fetal distress.
The acidity of the fluid is another indication of fetal distress.
Acute effects of cocaine exposure include fetal distress, seizures, irritable behavior, sleep disturbances, tremors and muscle rigidity.