fetal circulation

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the system of blood vessels and structures through which blood moves in a fetus

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Very little iodinated contrast crosses the placenta and enters the fetal circulation.
The integrity of the fetal circulation was monitored by assessing the leak in the fetal-to-maternal direction, including the measurement of the volume loss of the fetal perfusate.
Increased proBNP secretion in infants of women with diabetes may affect both the fetal circulation and have autocrine effects within the heart.
Overlap between bland forms of HEV (Figure 2) and vascular changes considered to be retrogressive, following fetal death and cessation of fetal circulation, may add to this confusion.
Although the precise mechanisms are unknown, scientists think HIV may be transmitted when maternal blood enters the fetal circulation, or by mucosal exposure to virus during labor and delivery.
Tea, some soft drinks, and chocholate drinks also contain caffeine--and caffeine can enter the fetal circulation from the mother's blood as it passes through the placenta.
The article states that use of aspirin late in pregnancy may affect fetal circulation or cause uterine contractions.
More important, the researchers discovered that, on average, 30 percent of the cocaine circulating in the maternal blood entered the fetal circulation.
Gluco-corticoids, passing from the mother to the fetal circulation in the placenta, are important as a mediator of maternal stress and a critical factor in developmental programming (Seckl; John Challis, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada; Caitlin Wyrwoll, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia).
Once the periodontal bacteria reach the fetal-placental interface, either the host can rid of it, or the periodontal bacteria can cross the placental barrier and enter into the fetal circulation.
Flake's strategy involves using prenatal stem cell transplants to achieve tolerance of foreign cells, which are incorporated into the fetal circulation.
It may cause gallstones or jaundice in the mother, and increased levels of serum bile salts can enter the fetal circulation and cause a reduction in the level of oxygen in the placenta.