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of or relating to a fetus


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For the prediction of renal dysfunction, creatinine from the mother confounds fetal assessment.
Cochrane collaboration:Continous CTG as a form of EFM for fetal assessment during labour[Review].
Some studies recommend that IA should be the primary fetal assessment method for low-risk pregnant women during labour (Feinstein, Sprague & Trepanier, 2008).
They include chapters on tests during the antepartal period and fetal assessment and electronic fetal monitoring, reflecting the increase in intervention in maternity care.
Should women be given a choice about fetal assessment in labour.
Continuous electronic hear t rate monitoring for fetal assessment during labor.
In the 1800s, fetal assessment using the Pinard stethoscope was introduced.
They should also be advised about any risks that are discovered, and about their options for fetal assessment following conception.
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