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of or relating to a fetus


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Intrapartum fetal scalp lactate sampling for fetal assessment in the presence of a non-reassuring fetal heart rate trace.
Continuous cardiotocography (CTG) as a form of electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) for fetal assessment during labour ((Review), In: The Cochrane Library.
Should women be given a choice about fetal assessment in labour.
Strategies to prevent fetal and maternal harm due to complications of labor induction, fetal assessment, and management of second-stage labor will be stressed.
In the 1800s, fetal assessment using the Pinard stethoscope was introduced.
In moderate or severe asthma, fetal assessment should include serial ultrasound evaluation in the third trimester and fetal movement counts starting at 28 weeks' gestation.
It recommends a review of training and supervision for all professionals involved in fetal assessment.
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