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of or relating to a fetus


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This study shows that intermittent auscultation of the fetal heart during labour with a fetal monitor is more acceptable to labouring women than monitoring with a Pinard fetal stethoscope.
To help address this gap, researchers analyzed data from the 2004 Cameroon Demographic and Health Survey, a nationally representative study that, unlike other large African surveys, differentiated between voluntary fetal loss (abortion) and involuntary fetal loss (miscarriage, stillbirth).
Randomised controlled trial of intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring.
Media coverage of early fetal surgery procedures emphasized the "miraculous" and cutting-edge aspects.
Proponents of using fetal body parts from induced abortion claim three areas of medical research need harvested tissue: transplantation to treat diseases and injuries, vaccine development and basic biology research.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and Abbott Northwestern Hospital announced today the ground breaking of the new Midwest Fetal Care Center at The Mother Baby Center located between Children's -- Minneapolis and Abbott Northwestern Hospital.
Complete report on fetal bovine serum market spread across 134 pages, providing profile and analysis of 13 major companies supported with 192 tables and figures is now available at http://www.
used real-time PCR targeting the SRY (sex determining region Y) gene to analyze serial postdelivery samples of plasma collected from women carrying male fetuses and found that fetal DNA was cleared from plasma with a mean half-life of approximately 16 min (9).
of Birmingham, UK), Johnson, and Oepkes provide maternal-fetal medicine and neonatology specialists and trainees with 22 chapters on the current status of fetal therapy.
Electronic fetal heart rate monitoring transformed the whole field, giving us a method by which we could continuously assess fetal heart rate over some finite period of time.
An editorial in the Boston Globe, for example, cited workers involved with children's programs on one Sioux reservation who estimated "almost half the infants and young children they see show symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome.
One of the most intriguing puzzles in modern immunology involves the "paradox of pregnancy," in which immunologic tolerance to paternally derived fetal antigens is achieved despite an apparently adequate maternal defense against infection.
Fetal cells floating in this liquid hold a developing baby's DNA and so give doctors the means to get a precise readout of genetic disorders that a fetus might have.
In this study perinatal outcome shall refer to the importance of foetal movement monitoring in relation to fetal well-being.
He is the director of the Buffalo Institute of Fetal Therapy (BIFT) and the executive director of the Miniature Access Surgery Center (MASC) and the Miniature Access Surgery Teaching, Training and Research Center (MASTTAR).