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an abnormally large amount of this fetoprotein in the fetus can signal an abnormality of the neural tube (as spina bifida or anencephaly)

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Under the Canadian agreement, for example, new feta products manufactured in Canada can only be marketed as feta-like or feta-style, and they can't use Greek letters or other symbols that evoke Greece.
Skewer the feta, a whole basil leaf, an olive, a piece of cucumber, a tomato, a piece of cucumber, basil leaf, an olive, a whole basil leaf and lastly another piece of feta.
Mix together the mashed potato, butternut squash cabbage and feta cheese.
You're getting competition from Athens now that President brand has introduced a spread-able feta cheese.
COUNTRYSIDE: The recipe that was published in the last magazine I received is not a feta recipe.
Place some feta cheese and red pepper slices on whole wheat bread.
Since 1 October this year only cheese made in Greece using authentic ingredients and processes has been allowed to be called feta, following the EU decision to give it Protected Designation of Origin status.
I coupled this with nice pork escalopes but the dish would work equally well with another meat, such as lamb cutlets, which go nicely with feta cheese.
Sunergia Soyfoods has branched out from its flavored tofu line to offer an organic, vegan Soy Feta cheese alternative.
The semi automatic, modified atmosphere (MAP) machine is handling packs of Greek feta cheese, a brand new line for a major supermarket retailer.
The Spinach & Feta offering, actually "mozzarella, spinach, and feta cheese," retails for $4.
Mrs Bell's business has been caught up in a five-year tussle within Europe over the feta name.
After 3 tons of feta cheese arrived in Norway tainted with listeria, Greece's agriculture minister said "feta police" should crack down on bad cheese.
With the increased interest in Mediterranean cuisine, Feta cheese is showing up on more and more menus.