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a collection of writings published in honor of a scholar

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Augustine Akpuda (380) has noted "three main traditions of festschrifts in the Nigerian academy": (1) "the ones exclusively oriented to literary critics"; (2) "those that focus principally on the festschrift personality as a creative writer ", and (3) "those that combine studies on the festschrift personality as literary and creative writer.
In the past nearly two decades or so, festschrifts on literary personalities have assumed a front burner position and it is our intention in this paper to examine a number of them published between 1995 and 2011, to isolate salient features that distinguish the festschrift as an emerging sub-genre, and comment on their implications for the future of African literary criticism.
That was surely the case with our first recipient of a Festschrift BH&H journal issue last year, Wayne Flynt, and that is surely the case again with this issue.
Two further volumes of Festschrift bibliographies are now planned, one to focus on Festschrifts compiled for composers and performers, and another for institutions and other "nonpersonal entities".
Festschrifts are the traditional means by which former students, colleagues and supporters celebrated a noted scholar in their profession.
If one were to itemize the essays in this festschrift, one would end up with a potpourri ranging from a rending of Adorno's meditations on Beethoven's late style to a discussion of how Turkish guest-workers fit into postwar definitions of Germanness, and from an overview of political violence in the "red decades" after 1967 to an analysis of the opposition between universalist and particularist definitions of anti-Semitism.
Consequently, as we proceeded with developing this Festschrift, we explored earlier Festschrifts in library and information science, and in other fields.
Review of Still Shines When You Think of It: A Festschrift for Vincent O'Sullivan, edited by Bill Manhire and Peter Whiteford (Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2007).
The editors of the festschrift have assured that each article makes a significant contribution, from Adrian W.
This detail, recounted by Daniel McGuire at the outset of this Festschrift, testifies to the profound pastoral concern that has motivated Charles Curran as priest and moral theologian.
This festschrift is as valuable for the essays it contains as for the ecumenist it celebrates, Dr.
There's more than one way to skin a cat - or to read a Festschrift.
Both Festschrifts are fitting tributes to these scholars and contain fine contributions to the field of Syrian archaeology.
The books gather together articles and book chapters of a single author often from lesser known periodicals, festschrifts, and proceedings of conferences that would otherwise take days to track down.
It is to be hoped that RILM Abstracts will include this volume with other festschrifts and symposia, thereby bringing the individual chapters to scholars, attention.