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a collection of writings published in honor of a scholar

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Shakespeare's Theories of Blood, Character, and Class: A Festschrift in Honor of David Shelley Berkeley.
This a very rich volume; this brief review cannot do more than say that it honors Stendahl by demonstrating how a younger generation of scholars is thinking out the implications of his work in significant areas--a fitting Festschrift indeed.
Thus, the Festschrift includes an article by Hellmut Federhofer on Fux and equal temperament, which argues that this tuning was in use in Viennese circles without interruption since the early eighteenth century.
was presented with this Festschrift on the occasion of his seventieth birthday.
The journal of the Baptist History & Heritage Society (BH&HS) is initiating an annual Festschrift edition.
Many festschrifts take on the responsibility of explaining themselves and their honorees.
This detail, recounted by Daniel McGuire at the outset of this Festschrift, testifies to the profound pastoral concern that has motivated Charles Curran as priest and moral theologian.
Der Vergleich reit einem mittelalterlichen Werk drangt sich auf: Die vorliegende Festschrift ist 'Aller aventiure crone'.
The second Festschrift, in honor of Adnan Bounni, is the first such tribute to be dedicated to an Arab scholar in the field.
This Festschrift honors Bruce Ingham on his retirement from full-time academic life at the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London.
The deliberate focus on Mozart in Stanley Sadie's memorial-turned Festschrift was, therefore, a most appropriate and indeed natural choice.
Recent developments in nonparametric inference and probability; festschrift for Michael Woodroofe.
Most of the 31 essays in this Festschrift deal with prophecy in Israel and in the Ancient Near East.
This collection of forty-six essays, entitled "Vom Erkennen des Erkannten": Musikalische Analyse und Editionsphilologie is dedicated to Christian Martin Schmidt as a Festschrift.