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a collection of writings published in honor of a scholar

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In fact, Keith had never heard of a Festschrift until he took Kathyrn Luther Henderson's cataloging course at GSLIS, and in one class assignment had to create a 3x5 catalog card entry for a Festschrift.
Landfall 93 (March 1970) contained tributes to Frank Sargeson among other work, while the entire issue of Islands 21 (Spring 1977), edited by Robin Dudding, was a festschrift for Sargeson at the age of 75.
The students and colleagues contributing to his Festschrift predominantly reflect North American and Israeli mainstream scholarship.
Significant repercussions typically attend the choice of format: a law review Symposium has the advantage of an acquired distribution and readership, and recognition on periodical indexes; a Festschrift seldom benefits from systematic indexing, (2) although it is more likely than individual paper-part compendia in law reviews to be purchased by individuals; and an intellectual biography usually comprises a thorough subject-matter index and a coherent narrative of a life in the law, features absent from the other three forms.
A festschrift to honor Colin is being edited by Arni Brownstone of The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto which will slightly overlap Johnson's tribute.
Scholarly publication has always been marginal from a commercial point of view, and we should be grateful to Cambridge University Press for publishing this partially disguised festschrift, which gives us an opportunity to survey the career of Stanford Lehmberg (by Thomas Mayer), complete with a photograph of him in front of St.
The trajectory his career has followed from generative syntax and semantics to poetics is a wide path, and to truly do it justice in a Festschrift would be a much greater task than we have attempted here.
Perhaps this is the way with a Festschrift, but contradictions and errors--some minor, some not--go uncorrected.
Banathy, the focus of this Festschrift, came to the USA in 1951, having left Hungary by way of Austria as a refugee, leaving his homeland in the 1940s.
This festschrift volume dedicated to Gene Brucker is intelligently conceived and well-executed--a tribute worthy of the honoree and indeed a model for all such enterprises.
Research in Music Education: A Festschrift in Honor of Arnold Bentley.
Instead, this collection is as eclectic as the man it honors, consisting of a foreward and a preface, seven essays exploring various aspects of Kendall's life and work, the surviving correspondence between Kendall and Leo Strauss, and a reprinting of Kendall's 1967 review of the 1964 Strauss festschrift, Ancients and Moderns.
Festschrift Hans Georg Majer, Frauen, Bilder und Gelehrte, Studien zu Gesellschaft und Kunsten im Osmanischen Reich, Arts Women and Scholars Studies in Ottoman Society and Culture, 2 Volumes, Istanbul: Simurg.
As a festschrift, the array of scholarly contributions is a successful celebration and the voluminous size of the book is a testimony to the academic importance of J.
His own most recent publications include an article on a 1622 sacred opera by the Johann Kapsberger, published in the online festschrift for Kerala J.