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a collection of writings published in honor of a scholar

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While contributors to this festschrift come from different backgrounds, institutions, and organizations--and likewise, their compositions vary as to style and substance--the emphasis of the whole is on Dockery's statesmanship, scholarship, and academic accomplishments.
The festschrift, titled Discourses in African Musicology, is a compilation of papers presented at a two day international conference held in September, 2011 on the theme "The Life and Works of Emeritus Professor J.
Editors Lim, Kwan, and Siu present students, academics, researchers, and professionals working in a wide variety of contexts with a festschrift in honor of retired Imperial College of London faculty member A.
What precisely ought essays in a festschrift accomplish that would justify their inclusion in this genre as opposed to a collection of essays without an honoree?
Lesure's Festschrift does not contain anything that the French would consider to be "bibliotheconomie", i.
In this festschrift in honor of professor Edward J.
Collections of essays are in general difficult to review, largely due to their heterogeneity, and the difficulty is compounded in the case of a festschrift, where often the only unifying element among the contributions is the personality and interests of the dedicatee.
In response to this situation, a number of critics have started to explore other publication avenues/outlets, and quite a number have settled for the festschrift as the way out of the publication quagmire in which they find themselves.
Viewing the table of contents for this Festschrift, one sees the variety and richness of its articles.
Turning Points in Baptist History: A Festschrift in Honor of Harry Leon McBeth covers pivotal moments in Baptist history and offers brief overview chapters designed as an introductory study for students and ministers alike.
Weidmann begins the "Introduction" to this Festschrift in honor of Walter Wink as follows: "You hold in your hands an unusual book.
This festschrift in honor of structural scientist John Katsikadelis contains cutting-edge articles on analysis of boundary element methods involving stress factors on materials such as concrete and metal.
Many of the essays are unruly and unfocused pieces that could have been published nowhere but a festschrift.