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When Barilaro read Cosa de negros, he realized that Cucurto had captured the same festiveness, color, and celebration of daily life that he was trying to express graphically.
Tracing his crisscrossing train trips throughout the country, she vividly captures the old-time popular festiveness that still permeated politics in the 1930s--the crowds of thousands waiting at every station, the president's back-of-the-train speeches, the intrigue attending each of his strategic slights, snubs, embraces, and endorsements of local politicos.
TALLINN -- Equestrian sport, especially show jumping and dressage, has always been considered to be an elite pursuit, which is accompanied by festiveness and faultless cognition of style.
The delegation -- led by the league's Secretary General Amr Moussa -- and accompanying press were treated to a festive occasion, with Darfur citizens deployed to give a colorful show of festiveness, with singing and dancing, on foot, on horses and on camels.
Each air-conditioned tent will be open every evening throughout the Holy Month, offering people a welcoming place to break their fast and enjoy the festiveness of the season.
Censorship's efforts of maintaining this party illusion had disastrous consequences upon the arts, ranging from a massive proliferation of amateurism and anti-professionalism to the cultivation of decorative and ornamental art or to (sometimes grotesque) manifestations of debauched festiveness.
He does not reject idealisation of the village setting, but he does not succumb to empty festiveness, and tries to put typical peasants of flesh and blood on stage.
The languid days, with their fasting - not even a glass of water for the most faithful - give way to evening celebrations whose festiveness is the antidote to the day's privations.
And her entreaties for "erotics" over "hermeneutics," for immanence over transcendence, for "style" and "beauty" over moral pontification are also calls for a certain festiveness and delectation: a "Let's go out, see the city, and enjoy ourselves
As the poem proceeds, the activities which suggested happiness are superseded by a scene which, while presenting the festiveness of a communal sacrifice, suggests desolation, victimization, down to details like the "peaceful citadel" the peace of which reverberates with the threat of war for which a citadel, after all, provides.
Thus his sperm is perceived as a combination of a basic and nutritious liquid--milk--with another liquid, symbolizing festiveness and luxury--champagne--both liquids mingling with the vital sweetness of honey.
French viewers may catch the idea of abundance and even perceive some of the festiveness involved, but the implied intimate joy must elude them: in the French experience, many foods placed on the table at once indicate hastiness rather than the element of solemnity that they signify in the traditional U.
It is supposed to be a common feast, which can include laughter and tears, gaiety, festiveness, spirituality with the heart and the senses--that is something we Lutherans often lack
Among the lower-profile films, however, there was festiveness and even joy to be found.