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Synonyms for festal

offering fun and gaiety

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On Easter Sunday the church was decorated with flowers for the Festal Easter Communion Service.
Pesikta de-Rab Kahana: Rabbi Kahana's Compilation of Discourses for Sabbaths and Festal Days.
During a Festal Evensong and Procession next week, the banner will be dedicated by the Bishop of Jarrow and paraded through Durham before going on display in the cathedral.
Indicating mass lay participation, common people came 'in festal array, with fragrant flowers and so forth' (Mhv xxix.
ANDREW CORNALL, artistic director of Chester Summer Music Festival, made an inspired choice by settling on Vaughan Williams's Five Tudor Portraits as a festal finale.
Similarly, perhaps, as tax exemption, known in Greek as ateleia, was not itself of halakhic significance, the corpus refrains from problematizing tax advantages at the atliz, a word that Lieberman believed to have been derived from (panegyris) ateles, (27) and thus itself a metonym for a commercial space of some kind, much as ateleia seems to have been used in Greek to represent an equivalent to the Latin mercatus, and as shorthand for tax-free festal markets.
I have lived among them in several countrys: I have been in their houses for months, and passed much time with them in their serious and their festal hours .
Summary: Spring in Bangalore occurs early and vanishes quickly; brief, fierce, festal, riding the narrow cusp between winter and summer.
Poor and rich did not exist then; all lived, apart from their labor, freely from the hand of the Lord; all were free, throwing off their work clothes and donning festal garments.
But now, in the name of public order, anything perceived as popular disorder, scandalizing the godly, was to be extinguished: a project pointedly extending to festal pastime.
2, compares the circumstances behind the writing of Athanasius's Festal Letter to those behind Eusebius's missive.
Festal Orations: Saint Gregory of Nazianzus" is a collection of the man's festal speeches, deftly translated by Nonna Verna Harrison.
This is a festal day, The gleaming sun once more dispels war's gloom Which brooded lately o'er Natalia's land; Up
And thou hast climb'd the hill, And gain'd the white brow of the Cumner range; Turn'd once to watch, while thick the snowflakes fall, The line of festal light in Christ-Church hall-Then sought thy straw in some sequester'd grange.