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(heraldry) an ordinary consisting of a broad horizontal band across a shield


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The JI leader demanded of the government to make sure the recent hike in fesses by private schools should be withdrawn immediately.
THE ARMSTRONG LIE (15) FALLEN cycling star Lance Armstrong fesses up to his crimes in a thorough but somehow unsatisfying documentary.
Here, Greyson, 13 fesses up about everything from his food hang-ups to heartbreak--and lets us in on who gave him the idea to sing "Paparazzi" in the first place.
My favorite piece, in part because I agreed with it least, was "Distinctions," in which Nunberg (who has written usage notes for the American Heritage Dictionary, and worked with their "usage panel" a group of more than two hundred "eminent writers and scholars" that the AHD editors poll for their views on usage), fesses up that even the usage-note-writers can't keep some of the rules straight.
To his credit, Anderson fesses up to at least some of his mistakes.