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(heraldry) an ordinary consisting of a broad horizontal band across a shield


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The email address can be found on the 1001 Fesses site.
Gardez votre dos en position droite et veillez a descendre les fesses jusqu'a faire un angle de 90A.
THE ARMSTRONG LIE (15) FALLEN cycling star Lance Armstrong fesses up to his crimes in a thorough but somehow unsatisfying documentary.
fesses to have been a Financial Times reader since 1987, rode a pink motorcycle -- in homage to the color of FT's paper stock -- from Grand Central Terminal across town to the new Pearson building on Sixth Avenue.
To his credit, Anderson fesses up to at least some of his mistakes.
Here, Greyson, 13 fesses up about everything from his food hang-ups to heartbreak--and lets us in on who gave him the idea to sing "Paparazzi" in the first place.
Mixing views of top psychoanalysts, philosophers, scientists and artists, La Face CachE[umlaut]e des Fesses (The Hidden Side of the Bottom) charts the importance of "derriE re" in human evolution.