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(heraldry) an ordinary consisting of a broad horizontal band across a shield


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Because periorbital emphysema can occur in patients after FESS, patients should be advised to avoid nose blowing and straining in the immediate postoperative period, especially if a bony defect of the lamina papyracea has been identified on preoperative imaging or intraoperatively.
CPA Ginny Fess began her career as a public accountant, joining (Arthur) Andersen in 1984 after earning an accounting degree from the University of Illinois.
Fess said the press was bought to meet the needs of the company because "we have worked with Fred for years and it made sense to buy the press because Fred had always done a good job.
As a leader in the FESS market, we're pleased to have the opportunity to expand our FESS product portfolio.
Fess and speedy classmate Nick Mercurio lead the young group that Gilmore is excited about.
We present a case of tension pneumocephalus after FESS in which radiologic evaluation and direct endoscopic observation demonstrated no obvious skull base defect.
Not much is known about the prevalence of Samter's triad in the general population of patients undergoing FESS or about the postoperative symptomatic outcome of these patients compared with the outcomes of patients without the triad.
The board members and staff of Pacific Legal Foundation today expressed sorrow over the passing of renowned actor and community leader Fess Parker, who was a former member of PLF's Board of Trustees and a strong, longtime supporter of the Foundation.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Diamond Burrs set (Set of 6), Malleus nipper, Aural Speculums normal set, Aural Speculums Slit black set, Graft Repositors, Supply of Diamond Burrs set (Set of 6), Malleus nipper, Aural Speculums normal set, Aural Speculums Slit black set, Straight gouge for DCR, Scissors for FESS RT, Scissors for FESS LT, Maliable curettage for FESS, J Curattage, Lacrimal probes set (Set of 4), Punction dialator Lacrimal syringing needles, Curved suction cannula s for FESS,
4,5) Kennedy recognized that FESS is an important way to achieve sinus drainage and ventilation when he introduced the technique in the United States.
A former photographer, Fess has battled back from several knee surgeries and shed almost 50 pounds to get back in form.
WASHINGTON - Fifty years ago, every kid in America wanted a coonskin cap, thanks to Fess Parker's Disney portrayal of Davy Crockett in the popular TV show.
The injection technique described here usually provides for reliable hemostasis during conventional and powered FESS procedures.
Kline refuses to fess up until tabloid reporter Tom Selleck gives hint a long-lasting, full-on lip lock that sends poor Kevin hurtling out of the closet.
Made from chitosan, NovaShield is a ready-to-use gel placed in the sinus or nasal cavities following FESS.