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(heraldry) an ordinary consisting of a broad horizontal band across a shield


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In conclusion, FESS is not the panacea for all sinus disorders, and its role has been overemphasized.
The FESS group included 494 men and 343 women, aged 17 to 64 years (mean age: 37.
Pilling Surgical's expanded line of FESS instruments will assist Endoscopic Surgeons in achieving their goals of conserving the integrity of the nasal mucosal tissue while restoring normal air passage for the patient.
There's sure to be no shortage of work for Fess IV in the
During the remainder of the week, a young cancer survivor is delighted with a face-to-face meeting with romance novel model and television star Fabio; Lawrence welcomes her favorite rock singer Michael McDonald and her fantasy dad, Fess Parker; "Beverly Hills 90210" hunk Brian Austin Green greets a nine-year-old fan; and "Home Improvement's" 12-year old Jonathan Taylor invites a 14-year-old admirer to a cast party.
This nonprofit insurer serves about 60 percent of the state's school districts and handles a high volume of workers' compensation and liability claims," said Mike Fess, Implementation Team Manager at ImageRight.
On this morning at the Fess Parker Wine Country Inn, the strapping Parker, who played Crockett on the big screen in the 1950s and Boone on the little one in the 1960s, was seated at a table in his restaurant, just convening a breakfast meeting.
The big award of the night went to actor/hotelier/winery owner-founder Fess Parker.
Only 9 percent fess up to a Grinch-like attitude to the chore, saying "It's something my family expects.
Fess agreed that their customers will receive more valuable services as a result of this transaction.
The company also provided medical and surgical loaner equipment and personnel support enabling AAO members to teach modern surgical techniques for the first FESS cadaver dissection in developing countries.
Contract notice: Delivery of small medical equipment, ent sets, tools fess surgery, ear, larynx microsurgery and milk for babies.
I'm a big fan of actor Fess Parker and enjoyed him playing Davy Crockett.
a competitor in the emerging market for FESS applications, filed two petitions for Inter Partes Review (IPR), a type of validity challenge established in 2012 by the America Invents Act, in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the U.