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grass with wide flat leaves cultivated in Europe and America for permanent pasture and hay and for lawns

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Like other meadow fescues, it has an endophyte (symbiotic fungus) that gives it some degree of environmental protection.
The less blue, the more genetic background from either fescue parent and associated morphological expression.
For the best of the blue Fescues plant 'Caesia', regular spring clipping all that's needed to retain the most brilliant blue.
Hard fescue (Festuca brevipila Tracey) performed poorly the first year of the study, but performed well in the second year.
Try bronze sedge or carex and tufts of evergreen green fescues and clump forming Libertia for mosa to make a tactile ground cover which sways gently in the breeze.
Red Leopard pansies; Ready for planting -- young grasses (from left) the sedge Evergold, corkscrew rush and fescue Blue Elijah
In one test, cows on regular fescue had a pregnancy rate of only 50 percent, while those on the newer variety had a pregnancy rate of 100 percent.
Cool season turf grasses" include fescues, blue-grasses, rye-grasses, and bent grasses.
You may choose among bluegrass, various fescues and turf-type perennial ryegrass.
Some consider MaxQ fescues to be promising replacements for the widely used Kentucky-31 tall fescue variety in the United States, which contains a toxic endophyte.
Cool season grasses, such as bluegrass, ryegrass and fescues, should maintain a height of 2.
The plants--mostly structured ones such as papyrus and bamboo and low-mounding fescues and ferns--are arranged in clusters and rectangular beds for impact and to create a contemplative mood.
Rye and clover, fescues and bermuda, and hybrids developed solely for Southern California turn the landscape into a veritable oasis.
Note that a "blend" refers to two or more cultivars of the same kind of grass such as two, three or more turf-type fescues blended together.