fescue grass

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grass with wide flat leaves cultivated in Europe and America for permanent pasture and hay and for lawns

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It was fall and not being from the south it had slipped her mind fescue grass creates high amounts of sugar.
They found that tall fescue grass on average removed 33 percent of oil, while rye grass on average removed 46 percent.
The red fescue grass previously used would result in brown areas on the court but the grasses developed at Aberystwyth ensure that the courts are looking better at the end of Wimbledon fortnight.
It has replaced the old red fescue grass which used to result in brown areas developing on court by the event's second week.
Equidone has been developed to combat toxicity caused to animals that ingest a fungus that infects fescue grass.
Combine it with the unearthly blue leaves of Blue Fescue Grass, Festuca glauca and, perhaps, the felted white foliage of bedding cineraria.
If your lawn has tall fescue grass, you can be more than 90 percent certain that the fescue is infected with a toxic fungus called Neotyphodium coenophialum.
But the trouble, my friends, is not blowing in the wind and cannot be corrected by running a combine harvester through the fescue grass.
On what turned out to be the final hole of the day, Black drove the middle of the fairway, while Umphrey blocked his shot into the fescue grass on the right side.
The tee-to-green use of fescue grass gives Tetherow a drier, less verdant look - not to mention faster fairways and slower greens.
Q: We have Marathon tall fescue grass in our rear yard that has never done well, possibly due to two Dobermans.