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  • noun

Synonyms for fervor

powerful, intense emotion

passionate devotion to or interest in a cause or subject, for example

intense warmth

Synonyms for fervor

feelings of great warmth and intensity

the state of being emotionally aroused and worked up

References in classic literature ?
I will not say he was a boy among them, but he was that rarer being, the man of the world who can enter absolutely into the fun and fervor of the salad age.
He could kiss her lips, rest his own physical lips upon them, but it would be with the lofty and awful fervor with which one would kiss the robe of God.
His reverence for her, in that moment, was of the same order as religious awe and fervor.
In the fervor of her anxiety she took Alban's arm as familiarly as if he had been her brother.
She paused, and pressed Isabel's hand with affectionate fervor.
Though he speaks with the fervor of a man, he is little more than a lad: he is only twenty years old, and he is going to risk his young life on the frozen deep
I thanked the good merchant with a fervor that surprised him.
He laid stress upon the purity of his motives in all dealings with men in the world and spoke of the fervor of his friendship for those who were amiable.
Rising from his seat, he took the knotty hand from his shoulder, and shook it up and down with a fervor quite unaccountable; for in the old man's aspect was nothing to attract, much to repel.
Time, which wears away all things, will wear away the first fervor of that love.
Doctor," as she called Anne, with blind fervor, looked rather jealously askance at Marilla at first.
Everything went well, and with all the fervor of a Presbyterian, he did not forget to thank heaven for it.
It is this simple, direct fervor of feeling, the straightforward outpouring of the authors' hearts, that gives the ballads their power and entitles them to consideration among the far more finished works of conscious literature.
he said to himself, sat down to the table, and, opening a portfolio, he set to work at once with peculiar fervor at a sketch he had begun.
The hard practical wisdom of Mercedes Higgins proved of immense help, for Saxon strove with a fervor almost religious to have everything of the best and at the same time to be saving.