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  • noun

Synonyms for fervor

powerful, intense emotion

passionate devotion to or interest in a cause or subject, for example

intense warmth

Synonyms for fervor

feelings of great warmth and intensity

the state of being emotionally aroused and worked up

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The Feast of the Santo Nino invites us to reanimate our childlike fervor, our childlike faith in Christ-the truth of Christ who came as an innocent, helpless child whose mission was to proclaim his Father's love and his own love for us by dying on the Cross.
La primera tiene como objetivo establecer y describir la poetica y los estilos de Fervor.
Chinese and Japanese leaders are pragmatic, resumie dialogue despite nationalistic fervor, memories of WWII and squabbles over the East China Sea
Es famoso el inicio del "Prologo" que incorpora Borges en 1969 a la segunda edicion de Fervor de Buenos Aires: "No he reescrito el libro.
Every year, students from the International Indian School of Riyadh (IISR) sing songs that strike sentimental chords amid an air of patriotic fervor and nationalism.
Nada como esta guerra que vivimos deberia escarmentarnos de nuestro desprecio por la realidad y nuestra costumbre de suplirla por el fervor.
How would they maintain the fervor of that experience through all their future challenges?
Adding to the fervor were magicians and face-painters who enthralled not only the children but elders alike.
Response from Caleb Bach: Indeed, the style of the column on the cover of Fervor de Buenos Aires is Ionic, and not Doric.
The partial unraveling of the poetic self is indeed an important occurrence in Borges's early poetry, particularly in Fervor de Buenos Aires, his first published book (1923).
So it's a movement based in this type of fervor, and it communicates that fervor through rock music and through many elements of hipster culture.
One float, dubbed ``Star Wars Spectacular,'' elegantly designed in honor of the 1977 release of the first ``Star Wars'' film, was received with enthusiasm and fervor.
4 on the RE AUTO DEALER 100 list in 2006 with $386 million in revenue) based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, that fervor extended into his career and drove him to amass a lucrative car dealership empire.
Explanations of waterspouts, hurricane season, traitors, and the gradual loss of faith in the explorer enable readers to envision the highs and lows of Spanish fervor and the outcome of settlements.
This happened five times, making the fervor of revolution and the futility of war equally clear.