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with passionate fervor

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The inland hills of Mendocino County reliably see no rainfall between the months of May and October, an interval during which the sun blazes, as one 1880 history of the area put it, "as if fully determined to prove to mankind that it can shine more fervidly to-day than it did yesterday.
Banting fervidly felt that only he and Best discovered insulin.
Merritt accomplishes the opposite effect: The ear works more fervidly to pick up his verbal barbs and cunning cadences from the background noise.
From a fervidly "pro-life" politician, shouldn't that make sense?
In turn, the theatre developed new methods of deception and subterfuge, often cloaking its message of anti-colonial nationalism in an anachronistic historical plot or inserting fervidly patriotic songs into a benign romance.
74) What happened was that after leaving the Seventh-day Adventist environment of the College of Medical Evangelists, Calvin increasingly turned away from the religion of his father while Yourong had more fervidly embraced it because she found that it gave her the strength she needed to adapt to life in a new country.
He dreams fervidly of horsewhips @ the manly fist', Henley wrote in 1877 to Robert Louis Stevenson, at that time Henley's closest friend and a rising star in the literary world.
Singer's archeological inventory details the "curious intimacy" of excavation, as each man fervidly declares his abject passion for Cinna and accuses the other of victimizing her.
It comes off the bottom and flitters fervidly, showing its white underbelly.