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Synonyms for fervid

Synonyms for fervid

characterized by intense emotion

extremely hot


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He is a very fervid, impassioned speaker- full of fire
Lastly, it was also here that I have felt the soothing influence that religion sheds over the wounds of humanity, and (without going further into the subject) I have seen how admirably it is suited to the fervid temperaments of southern races.
We never mention this little arrangement except at the proper time, when we send a letter of fervid thanks.
Thus had I sunken one day From mine own truth-insanity, From mine own fervid day-longings, Of day aweary, sick of sunshine, --Sunk downwards, evenwards, shadowwards: By one sole trueness All scorched and thirsty: --Bethinkst thou still, bethinkst thou, burning heart, How then thou thirstedest?
She grins when he is most musically fervid, and--yes, Mr.
I was also deprived, at the time, of the inestimable advantage of hearing the events related by the fervid eloquence of Mr.
Neither my mother's evident astonishment at my behaviour, nor Pesca's fervid enumeration of the advantages offered to me by the new employment, had any effect in shaking my unreasonable disinclination to go to Limmeridge House.
Everything in Marseilles, and about Marseilles, had stared at the fervid sky, and been stared at in return, until a staring habit had become universal there.
Nevertheless, like all fervid writing, the task was done in less time than usual, and if the spelling differed from Mrs.
After an injury barred him from pursuing another of his fervid hobbies, basketball, his interest in motorbikes intensified.
Islam is in a state of fervid crisis, riven by the regional battle of Sunni and Shia interests (read Saudi Arabia and Iran), afflicted by a metastasising ideology of anti-Western hatred and Wahhabi fundamentalism, seeking a reasonable accommodation with modernity.
In India, this segment has received great VC interest, though there is a fervid movement with more than 69 home solutions firms being founded in 2014.
The fantastic win over Belgium on Friday, in a fervid Cardiff City Stadium, marked a high-point in Welsh football not seen in this proud nation for far too long.
Dense with biblical allusions, it depicts the fervid indignation of a prisoner approaching the electric chair full of "truth and consequence".
Both have delusions of grandeur right now, both are suffused with an incredible history, a burning passion with supporters fervid enough down the years to match.