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with passionate fervor

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It was a piteous spectacle to see that woman in the prison-yard from day to day, eagerly and fervently attempting, by affection and entreaty, to soften the hard heart of her obdurate son.
When I tell you that responsible people in the War Office, officials whose profession it is to scent out treachery, have declared this young man suspect, I am certainly disappointed to find you embracing his cause so fervently.
I left her, with my mind in a tumult of contending emotions, which gradually resolved themselves into two master-feelings as I walked on: Love, that adored her more fervently than ever; and Hope, that set the prospect before me of seeing her again on the next day.
But the way to Ev lay plainly before them, and they fervently hoped that they had seen the last of the Nome King and of his dreadful palace.
But in the morning, when I woke without that cheering hope that had been my secret comfort and support so long, and all this day, when I have wandered about restless and objectless, shunning my husband, shrinking even from my child, knowing that I am unfit to be his teacher or companion, hoping nothing for his future life, and fervently wishing he had never been born, - I felt the full extent of my calamity, and I feel it now.
She then renewed her proposal, and very fervently recommended it, omitting no argument which her invention could suggest on the subject; for she was so violently incensed against her aunt, that scarce anything was capable of affording her equal pleasure with exposing her; and, like a true woman, she would see no difficulties in the execution of a favourite scheme.
Then at bed-time, when I retired with Mary to our quiet little chamber, where already my drawers were cleared out and my share of the bookcase was empty--and where, hereafter, she would have to sleep alone, in dreary solitude, as she expressed it--my heart sank more than ever: I felt as if I had been selfish and wrong to persist in leaving her; and when I knelt once more beside our little bed, I prayed for a blessing on her and on my parents more fervently than ever I had done before.
With clasped hands I fervently implored a blessing on its inhabitants, and hastily turned away; for I saw the sunshine was departing; and I carefully avoided another glance, lest I should see it in gloomy shadow, like the rest of the landscape.
PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has felicitated with Christians in Nigeria on the solemn occasion of the commencement of this year's Lenten season and has urged them to pray fervently for the country.
In line with statement issued by the secretary election commission, the role of Pak-Army, ranger and media to holding 'peaceful' by-election in NA-120 is admirable while Punjab police and other concerned departments also have performed their duties with fervently.
I fervently hope that by the grace of the Almighty you will come round soon.
Citing a total of 4000 songs performed by her and more than 90 films of her's, the patriarch added that through her sense of humour, she managed to occupy a place in the hearts of the poor; Her contributions included the building churches and reception halls where she used to pray fervently to overcome depression Rahi concluded.
However, no organisation has strived so fervently to cover up sexual abuse suffered by children at the hands of demonic predators.
Lack of reforms and regress in Macedonia is what Greek officials have been recently arguing about very fervently.
IN 1612, an obscure little document turned up in Krakow that opened up a window into an evangelical society that was fervently fighting the spread of Martin Luther's reformation.