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Synonyms for fervency

powerful, intense emotion

Synonyms for fervency

feelings of great warmth and intensity

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God will not reach down and rearrange the development of the human body to accommodate me because of the fervency of my prayer--or the deservedness of my mother.
J'Dupre Gibson, her Tony-Romeo, sang and acted with all the fervency his part required.
Kavanagh never quite says that this anxiety extends to the actual practice of liturgy - that there is always a doubt whether a ritual artifact is a sacrament or an idol - but there is; perhaps this is what gives worship its fervency, its abandon, because in consenting to worship we are taking a risk.
Thus a janitor, in Dewey's mind, with the appropriate spirit could conceivably be a better librarian than a librarian who did not have the requisite fervency for the work.
Religion is much more an expression of quiet, reasonable faith; it is definitely not associated with fervency and passionate zeal.
Yet, this inquiry faces obstacles including (1) the myriad conceptions of faith, (2) the fervency of faith and (3) the occasional irrationality of faith.
To people of more recent generations this fin-de-siecle nobility might seem inconsistent with the fervency and devotion of the letters quoted by the author between the betrothed pair.
The fervency of the objection may be less familiar.
The importance of the hunt as an emblem of the world of Joyous Gard is emphasized by the fact that Malory's second long and original account of Tristram's skill in hunting immediately follows these lines, punctuated by the fervency of the words, 'Amen, sayde Sir Thomas Malleorre'.
De Vere Yard brings rousing fervency to the hopeful "There Won't Be Trumpets,'' but it's when Todd Yard's mysterious J.
An item from the "Things Thoughtful" column of the Abergavenny Chronicle of November 27, 1914, gives an idea of the fervency of feeling in the early days of the war.
Wales couldn't guarantee blue skies and balmy temperatures, but respect for both Americans and Europeans, and the kind of controlled enthusiasm and fervency needed to lift the gloom, if not literally then metaphorically, we could do.
There is also an intensity of prayer, which makes the common, ordinary blessing for bread a moment of fervency and divine homage.
Faced with the fervency of Japanese expansionism, the Burmese people were faced with tough questions with tougher answers.
The current political debate around the solution to global recession, "our cuts are better than their cuts," does not have the same ring of fervency as, say, Hitler's idea of beating the 1930s depression by creating a master race to restore world order through wiping out all sub-species and ruling the world from Berlin.