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Synonyms for fervency

powerful, intense emotion

Synonyms for fervency

feelings of great warmth and intensity

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Inviting Pavol Breslik to portray the role of the Spectre was a masterstroke, as his voice lacks the Slavonic fervency of all the Jenfks and Princes, who have usually performed the role.
From here, we can guess at another meaning of Zenobia's hothouse flower: "Perceiving that her one magnificent flower had grown rather languid (probably by being exposed to the fervency of the kitchen fire), she flung it on the floor, as unconcernedly as a village girl would throw away a faded violet" (3:21).
Barton and Thompson's final version is a hodgepodge of seemingly occult and Masonic imagery that has acted as a boon to the fervency of creative-minded conspiracy theorists for the better part of two-and-a-half centuries.
Its top leaders are men of ideological fervency honed from years at the center of Afro-centric Caribbean movement politics inside New York's prison system.
She would probably not have to kick on with too much fervency to take this moderate-looking encounter.
Kampa's most satisfying poems are those in which he embraces life, not with the fervency of a Byronic hero but with calm and abiding goodwill.
Ultimately, the jury unanimously chose "Blood on the Fields," summing up the value of the piece in its report this way: "It is important because of the brilliance of its jazz orchestral writing, the fervency of its musical spirit and the power with which it expresses the pain and promise of the black experience in America.
Twelve months ago, Many Clouds' hollow sixth in the Cheltenham Gold Cup dulled the fervency of those closest to him.
After all the franticness in the kitchen (which is a taboo in Africa, our motherland), and fervency in the chapel, this "new" English husband is also expected to be frugal in bed
Additionally, the aspect of mastery--a life of devotion to one's craft--cannot be ignored nor fast-tracked, thus fervency in lobbying for organisational support of the unselfconscious process is also constructive.
The blue stands for loyalty, devotion, truth, justice, and friendship, red symbolises courage, zeal, and fervency, while white denotes purity and rectitude of conduct," Monaghan explained, "The US flag is commonly referred to by its nickname Old Glory.
Ganges and Yamuna as two of the holiest of rivers in the country have been bearing the brunt of religious fervency of the population as sacred sites for the dumping of offerings and other ritual waste for ages now.
This special issue of the Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development (JMCD) activates within the editorial board both fervency and zeal fueled by the launch of a new legacy series--Hearing Our Elders--and fly-on-the-wall curiosity regarding readership receptivity to this new portal to learning.