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In Southern California, February is the month to fertilize the garden.
Paylen fertilizes azaleas with cottonseed meal every spring and then applies cotton meal mixed with an azalea/camellia fertilizer on a periodic basis.
As one Colorado farmer sums up this recycling loop, "Your waste comes out here and fertilizes our wheat fields.
Biologists want to understand how females choose the sperm that fertilizes each of their eggs.
Scientists have now found that during a sperm's creation, its mitochondria--energy-producing units that power all cells--acquire molecular tags that mark them for destruction once the sperm fertilizes an egg.
The pair recently chastised fellow scientists for what they contend is a widespread misconception-that one kind of paternal DNA, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), does not get into the egg when the sperm fertilizes it.
pandora that is carrying a female and fertilizes her eggs-exactly when remains unclear, Funch says.
Still others are working on a method to select a baby's sex based on the type of sperm that fertilizes the egg (see sidebar).