fertilization membrane

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the membrane that forms around a fertilized ovum and prevents penetration by additional spermatozoon

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Removal of the fertilization membrane of fertilized eggs of Urechis caupo and development of "membraneless" embryos.
TABLE 1 Development time of embryonic and larval stages after fertilization of Tivela mactroides under laboratory conditions Stage Mean Time Fertilization membrane 4.
The most important procedures for generating cells for chromosomal squashes are complete removal of the fertilization membrane and complete separation of blastomeres from one another.
Penetration of the egg by one sperm induces the cortical granule reaction, and a fertilization membrane is raised after a few minutes.
We also examined whether eggs and sperm were equally susceptible to the effects of low salinity, and whether failure to cleave--a common measure of fertilization success in annelids and molluscs that do not show a conspicuous fertilization membrane (e.
However, once the fertilization membrane is raised, the perivitelline space exceeds the length of the nuclear filament, preventing other sperm from penetrating the egg.
In this study, chromosome preparations were made from embryos at the early cleavage stages; there was no need to remove the fertilization membrane, yolk granules, or oil droplets.
The fertilization membrane and a fertilization cone [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2B OMITTED] lift off from the surface of the egg after about 34 min at 6 [degrees] C, leaving a large perivitelline space of 65 [[micro]meter].