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capable of being fertilized

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With the advancement in culture systems and laboratory procedures, there was a need for parallel development in ovarian stimulation protocols so as to increase the yield of fertilizable oocytes.
Using hormones to prevent pregnancies followed the same logic; the progesterone prevented the release of a fertilizable egg, thus making it impossible for a woman to conceive.
The occurrence of the membranous structures probably indicates that the egg has become fertilizable.
A doe's egg is fertilizable for about 24 hours, the only time she'll permit a buck to mate with her.
This collection of 18 extended articles focuses on specific issues, including techniques and events leading to a fertilizable oocyte, physiological functions of gonadotropins, functions and patterns of change in gonadal steroids, vitellogenesis, follicular steroidogenesis, hormonally derived sex pheromones, reproductive physiology in viviparous teleosts, mating systems, reproductive strategies, cost-benefit comparisons in energy investments, reproductive behavior in shoaling fish, parental care and predator risk, the impact of environmental factors on fish endocrinology, shark reproductive ecology, estrogen pathways, molecular markers of androgen disruption, concerns about the effects of aquaculture, and fish reproduction within cultivation of cold water marine species.
When analyzed in relation to the occurrence of the other age classes in our estuaries, age-2 fish contributed the greatest number of fertilizable oocytes to the environment (39%).
These hormones allow the development of a single mature ovarian follicle from which a fertilizable egg can be released during each menstrual cycle.