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  • noun

Synonyms for fertility

ability to conceive


  • ability to conceive
  • potency
  • ability to have children
  • ability to have babies
  • ability to have young

Synonyms for fertility

Synonyms for fertility

the ratio of live births in an area to the population of that area

the property of producing abundantly and sustaining vigorous and luxuriant growth

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In women, fertility declines more quickly with age, especially after 35.
Critique: What you eat and drink has a vital and biological impact on the human body, including a woman's fertility.
The comments come ahead of a conference of leading fertility experts, who are coming together to address how the nation can improve young people's knowledge of fertility and reproductive health.
This market is broadly categorised into ovulation prediction kits and fertility monitors.
However, a significant rise in fertility has not yet happened in the current expansion.
With the growing success of cancer therapies and tremendous advancements in fertility treatment, cancer survivors today have an excellent chance of having families provided they are given the opportunity to cryopreserve reproductive tissue prior to their oncology treatment.
Some scholars emphasized on the societal or community level variables for studying the fertility behaviour, while others give more emphasis to the individual and family level variables.
In spite of large improvements in health care technologies and more access to reproductive health services during past decades, there are many reports on human fertility decline .
Walgreens has a long history of helping patients taking fertility treatments.
Washington, Aug 1 ( ANI ): Women who gave birth following fertility treatment had no long-term increased risk of death or major cardiovascular events compared to women who gave birth without fertility therapy, a new study has found.
Guidelines for fertility preservation in newly diagnosed cancer patients have been updated to include egg freezing as a standard practice rather than an experimental option, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
Throughout the Ummah, or worldwide Muslim community, fertility levels are falling dramatically for countries and subnational populations--and traditional marriage patterns and living arrangements are undergoing tremendous change.
New guidelines from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network establish young adult and adolescent cancer patients as a distinct group whom oncologists should routinely send for fertility counseling.
The Birth Registration Agency indicates that the fertility rate in Iran has fallen below the replacement level--that is, parents on average are not having enough children to replace those parents, pointing to an eventual decline in population if the low rate continues.
As the world welcomes its 7 billionth person, the global fertility rate is about 2.