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Synonyms for ferry

Synonyms for ferry

a boat that transports people or vehicles across a body of water and operates on a regular schedule


Related Words

transport by boat or aircraft

transport from one place to another

transport by ferry

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26 million going toward the purchase of two ferry boats and $3 million toward construction of the South San Francisco ferry terminal.
Part of Laird's could be a seaman/woman's school, teaching everything about the sea, boats, ships, cooking, silver service, on ships, also hotels, another part would be to build the cruise ships, tug boats, pilot ferry boats for export before we lose all our skills completely, on ship building.
Beyond the ferry boats and bicycles, Victoria can also be rewarding to a visitor on foot.
Ferry Boats and Terminals grants provide funds to facilitate movement of people and goods across inland and coastal waterways.
Ayala Cove, on the northwest side, was a wood-refueling and fresh-water stop for early whalers; ferry boats from Tiburon and San Francisco now drop visitors here.
and to hold investigations and hearings involving the rates, tariffs, tolls, and charges, and the sufficiency and reasonableness of facilities and accommodations of railroad, ferry boats, gas, electric distribution, water, telephone, telegraph, and pipeline public utilities, the location of railroad depots and stations, and the control of grade crossings, the revocation, suspension or alteration of certificates issued pursuant to u39-19-4, appeals under u39-1-30, petitions under u39-1-31, and proceedings under u39-1-32.
The statement issued by the company said that its two ferry boats (Shinna and Jawharat Masirah) apply the highest international safety and security regulations in marine transport and that it considers safety and security a top priority for the company.
Denis has also made a Trent-class and Mersey-class lifeboat, warships and other ferry boats, one of which was donated to the transport museum in Birkenhead.
88/2014 - service of banqueting to play on tram restaurants and on the ferry boats of tourism services gtt - n A 2 lots - lot 1 cig 5923467799; lot 2 cig 5923628c74.
The NFC recently announced the launch of two ferry boats Shanna and Jawarhat Masirah on the Shanna-Masirah route which will be operational today.
According to Dr Yousuf Al Ali, CEO of RTA's Public Transport Agency, Dubai Marina is one of the most-favoured destination of marine transport users with 566 people using the water bus (413), ferry boats (119) or water taxis (34) everyday on an average.
He added that 75 per cent of ferry boats plying the Nile are well past their lifespans.
The agency awarded States approximately 500 grants in seven categories: borders and corridors, interstate maintenance, bridge replacement and rehabilitation, public lands highways, ferry boats and terminals, intelligent transportation systems, and pilots for transportation, community, and system preservation.
Tourists line up early, press forward and clamber aboard ferry boats bound for Alcatraz Island.
Seismic retrofit of bridges; * Innovative bridge research and construction; * Historic covered bridge preservation; * Construction of highways on public lands such as national parks; * Ferry boats and terminals to facilitate movement of people and goods across inland and coastal waterways; and * Value pricing projects and research.