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a metal cap or band placed on a wooden pole to prevent splitting


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Dick mentioned that Muzzy needed a machine built to cut slots in ferrules and he knew that Dennis was very handy with mechanical things and equipment and suggested that he give it a try.
The MTP-16(TM) connector family encompasses the 16 fiber MT ferrule, connector hardware, and bulkhead adapters.
Comprised of the proven US Conec MT Elite ferrule technology, the MTP-16(TM) connector hardware is ideal for structured cabling applications supporting parallel or duplex links that require low insertion loss," stated Ms.
The stainless steel trocar tip has an elongated shaft that reaches through the ferrule and threads into the base.
As mainstream and convenient as multi-piece fly rods are, there is a shortcoming: ferrule slippage.
com/research/gr87m4/global_fiber) has announced the addition of the "Global Fiber Ceramic Ferrule Industry Report 2014" report to their offering.
The company has also evolved its range of ferrules to include a specifically designed ferrule for welding on to tanks and vessels.
Tokyo, Mar 12, 2012 - (JCN) - Fujikura Ltd has launched its One-Click Cleaner DL-C, a cleaner used for the ferrule endface of optical connectors, specifically the input/output port (Duplex LC connector) of SFF/SFP optical transceivers, which are used at Data Center or FTTx networks.
The product features MWV's NoC dip tube and a threaded ferrule created specifically for the Melodic pump.
Otterburn, on the fringes of the Northumberland National Park, is possibly the last place one would expect to find an Irish-bred, Hong Kong-raced son of Danehill, but it is where the well-travelled Ferrule has ended up and is, indeed, thriving.
A metal-to-metal stop controls gasket compression and prevents overtightening while minimizing ferrule movement.
Critical connectivity issues include the need to prevent loss producing micro-bends at the connector interface where the film leaves the board edge into the modified MT ferrule.
THERE is another chance to see the new stallion from Hong Kong - Ferrule - at Girsonfield Stud, Otterburn at the open day on Sunday.
The fiber end face and ferrule must be absolutely clean before it is inserted into a transmitter or receiver.
Its three components, the nut, body and gasket ring or ferrule use a friction grip on the tube.