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of or relating to or containing iron


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The process also returns a premium-grade shredded ferrous product, characterized by low-residual chemistries, improved density and higher yields than coated scrap, according to Meretec.
The Effect of Ferrous Charge Materials and Covered Melting on Metallic and Alloy Recovery in Iron Melts (03-042)
PSC also purchased ferrous and nonferrous downstream solutions.
While the high-value ferrous scrap from these vessels would be an ideal raw material for steel mills, much concern surrounds the levels of toxic material that are released into the water and air.
Metals analyzed: Most ferrous and nonferrous alloys.
Gary Clayman, Vice President of Niles Iron & Metal and manager of its ferrous operations, said, "We are looking forward to passing the stewardship of our family business on to Metalico.
But as 2006 begins, most ferrous scrap processors find themselves eager to keep buying and selling scrap (ferrous as well as high-priced copper and aluminum) and say they don't see the signs that might point to a rapid fall.
In a time when lead has been reported to be increasing in ferrous scrap supplies, the Univ.
Last year, we included an Aluminum Scrap Flow Map instead of the ferrous version, meaning that when updating the Ferrous Scrap Flow Map for this year, there were 24 months of changes to monitor rather than the usual 12.
Furthermore, it will provide us the opportunity to ship raw materials from our Buffalo and Rochester operations and to upgrade many ferrous scrap grades by processing them through the shredder instead of our stationary shears.
Several factors seem to point to a healthy baseline of demand for ferrous scrap.
At that same time, the ferrous group of INCO was marketing a newly developed alloy, Ni-Hard, which was a cast iron containing about 4.
Walker is offering a complete line of magnetic separators to serve ferrous and non-ferrous recovery operations with more than 99% efficiency.
Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR)--The material left over after an automobile has been shredded and the ferrous metal and other marketable materials have been separated.