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phenomenon exhibited by materials like iron (nickel or cobalt) that become magnetized in a magnetic field and retain their magnetism when the field is removed

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The researches performed showed the possibility of obtaining ferromagnetic bulk nanocrystalline alloys of Fe-Cr-Ga-P-Si-C as rod form by copper mold casting.
We can avoid the non-linear field distribution at the air gap using a ferromagnetic screen, which surrounds simultaneously the screw 7 and the air gap [DELTA] at the basic nanoscrew design.
Civilians also stand to benefit from the new ferromagnetic alloys.
Quantum mechanical interactions among the electrons in such ferromagnetic materials as iron and cobalt give rise to the magnetic properties of these substances.
The researchers did this by optimizing the ferromagnetic Co-Fe alloy and by designing the MTJs with the same anti-ferromagnetic biasing they use in their GMR disk-drive heads.
Ferromagnetic materials usually require specialized equipment to offset the effects that magnetic permeability of the casting will have on the inspection results.
Objects in the scan room must be screened for possible ferromagnetic attraction to the MR scanner.
Contract notice for Performance of tests ferromagnetic with the report for the purpose of carrying out dredging works.
the world leading manufacturer of ferromagnetic detectors for MRI Safety, is proud to announce the release of a new entryway system; FerrAlert[TM] HALO II PLUS.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian, Swedish and Spanish researchers carried out a theoretical and empirical investigation about the effect of the localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) on the magneto-optical activity in ferromagnetic nanoparticles.
Drawing from both experimental research and computer simulations, they consider such topics as simulating the mechanical behavior of metal matrix composites, friction welding particle reinforced aluminum-based composites, processing lightweight metal matrix composites with in situ gas/liquid reactions, and producing and characterizing aluminum iron powder composites with ferromagnetic properties.
Using ferromagnetic metal / silicon dioxide contacts on silicon, NRL scientists Connie Li, Olaf van 't Erve and Berry Jonker electrically generate and detect spin accumulation and precession in the silicon transport channel at temperatures up to 225 degree Celsius, and conclude that the spin information can be transported in the silicon over distances readily compatible with existing fabrication technology.
A handful of common metals are the superstars of magnetism, but all materials are influenced to some degree or another by magnetic fields, and can be divided according to their response to externally applied magnetic fields as diamagnetic, paramagnetic, or ferromagnetic.
The advantage of Curie-Point-Pyrolysis is the use of ferromagnetic material, which heats up in a very short time inside a magentic field to a defined Curie-Point temperature.