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phenomenon exhibited by materials like iron (nickel or cobalt) that become magnetized in a magnetic field and retain their magnetism when the field is removed

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9679; Incidents where ferromagnetic objects unintentionally entered the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner room
Ferromagnetic particles Silicone gel Combination Magnetic ratio permeability [vol%] [-] 1 Carbonyl SQ TSE3062 35:65 3.
The aim of the present work is the formation, in the diamagnetic matrix, of singledomain ferromagnetic particles.
The list of ferromagnetic objects that will be drawn to the magnet core is lengthy.
This investigation will show how Andreev-reflection processes are sensitive to the exchange field energy in the ferromagnetic leads.
A linear model of the PM synchronous generator for analysis of magnetic flux distribution in the non-magnetic gap between ferromagnetic cores of the armature and inductor has been created for this study (Fig.
Magnetometers, by contrast, are said to be "passive" because they "use the Earth's magnetic field to look for distortions caused by the presence of ferromagnetic (attracted to a magnet) material," according to the NIJ.
The present concept involves a superconducting cylindrical magnetic shield containing a ferromagnetic cylinder to provide a flux return path and a more spatially uniform field inside.
When exposed to a magnetic field, particles will exhibit a specific response that classifies them in one of three groups: ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, or diamagnetic.
On view was Ferroguard, a passive ferromagnetic detection system designed to spot anyone carrying ferromagnetic objects.
The technology employs two types of super-fine magnetic particles, both tens of nanometers in scale: Acicular Ferromagnetic Alloy particle and Tabular Ferro-magnetic Hexagonal Barium Ferrite particle.
Magnetic susceptibility measurements of the sand samples were used as an indication of the amount of ferromagnetic minerals present.
They also manufacture AlphaForm, a formable/ moldable induction heating ferromagnetic concentrator.
In contrast, cobalt itself, like magnetic materials used to record data, is ferromagnetic, meaning that its atoms line up their magnetic orientations in the same direction.
Magnetic resonance imaging was attempted but quickly terminated because the patient experienced ear discomfort; she had previously undergone a bilateral stapedectomy, and it was suspected that her stapes prosthesis was made of a ferromagnetic material.