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concrete with metal and/or mesh added to provide extra support against stresses

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Vplyv karbonizacie betonu na koroziu vystuze v zelezobetone [Influence of concrete carbonation on the corrosion of ferroconcrete elements].
The presented below fourth task analyzes the structure in which plate finite elements are used for the ferroconcrete, and beam finite elements are used for the pillars.
One thing is sure though: what has become a glass and ferroconcrete desert hardly represents a sustainable contribution to building practices around the world.
One wonders too whether an admiration for Le Corbusier's ferroconcrete Unite d'Habitation is reflected in the troweled, cementlike color and weathered surfaces of Riopelle's paintings of the '60s and '70s, not to speak of the sheer weight of these immense solemnities.
And even if the deformed chunks of thick ferroconcrete and the gigantic cantilever are architecturally alien to the World Trade Center, the businessman captured in freefall, with the ruin behind him, strongly resonates with the iconography of the images of the 9/11 jumpers.
Probably the best example of using the synergy-based approach in engineering is ferroconcrete where the compensation of mutual weaknesses and amplifying their common useful effects (physical optimization) has real content.
How To Be A Sculptor In 30 Days Or Less" is a 90-page illustrated instructional that is specifically designed and written by Russel Neswick to teach non-specialist general readers how to successfully engage in making sculptures of their own using the Ferroconcrete process which combines metal or plastic mesh with a covering of concrete.
The research showed that in the geological conditions of Muuga Bay only two types of breakwaters are possible: (1) breakwaters of the rubble mound type or (2) a composite construction where the lower section of the breakwater was made up by a wall and the upper part was made of ferroconcrete caissons.
The two-story structure was originally made of wood but was reproduced using ferroconcrete, it said.