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a solid solution in which alpha iron is the solvent

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Both base metals are ferritic stainless steels suitable for high temperature applications.
Much of the literature relevant to ferritic pipeline steels derives from research by Holbrook, Cialone and co-workers at Battelle Columbus Laboratories (5-10).
With the consideration of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations (RMP) for the suppression of ELMs and the use of ferritic Test Blanket Modules (TBM) for ITER, attention was given to the effect of these 3-D field perturbations on the loss of alpha particles and neutral beam ions in ITER.
Figure 7 shows the residual stress in a ferritic steel (12mm thick) TIG welded plate.
Consumers of stainless steel products appeared to be attempting to shift their orders to lower-value ferritic and chrome manganese grades, according to Wright.
always uses duplex steel (a combination of the common Austenitic and harder wearing Ferritic steels) for its high wear components.
Highlighting Dynablue low-temperature, ferritic nitro-carburizing process to harden tool steel.
In addition, the review focuses on the properties and uses of several specific alloys, including black steel, MMFX-II (a microcomposite steel), and various grades of ferritic (containing ferric oxide compounds), austenitic (containing carbon and other solutes in solid solution with iron), and duplex (ferrite plus austenite) types of stainless steels.
in the manufacture of high alloys and ferritic stainless steels such as AL6XN[R], Sea-Cure[R], 439, and 430.
Duplex stainless steels and high chromium ferritic stainless steels provide superior resistance to corrosion and to SCC in liquors.
PX-5-L single-component blackening agent for stainless steels -- including martensitic, ferritic, austenitic and Duplex -- also works with cast and malleable irons.
For external turning on a flange from nodular ferritic SG iron, use of the wiper insert permitted increase of feed speed from 0.
The materials of construction ranged from comprehensive range of an austenitic stainless steels to super duplex ferritic grades, Icology 800, Hastelloy B&C and such other exotic metals.
Effects of friction stir welding and post-weld annealing on nanostructured ferritic alloy
Surface modification often is used to greatly improve the wear, fatigue and corrosion resistance of both ferritic and austenitic steels.