ferric oxide

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a red oxide of iron

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The report depicts the global and Chinese market of Ferric Oxide industry including capacity, production, production value, cost and profit, supply and demand and Chinese import-export.
The NASA Opportunity rover discovered ferric oxide deposits in Meridiani Planum, about 1000 km away.
Granular ferric oxide is an iron-based adsorbent that can capture both arsenate and arsenite, but in general, it functions best at or below a pH of 7, and both phosphates and silicates can interfere with its action.
The sand cores were made predominately out of silica sand, which contained a significant amount of aluminum oxide as well as ferric oxide and calcium oxide.
The first effect pigment is a reddish orange which is comprised of aluminum flakes coated by ferric oxide to be used in the automotive paint market.
In fact, metal particle media dominates digital data storage media today thanks to the inroads made with the first generations of 4mm DDS and 8mm helical scan data recorders when most computer tape products were based on standard ferric oxide media.
David Kreller, MCIC of Queen's University ('Chemical Force Microscopy of Ferric Oxide Colloids Using a Phosphate-Coated Chemically Modified Tip/ D.
Researchers at an Ibaraki Prefecture institute have discovered a method of removing endocrine disrupters from water by using ferric oxide and a superconducting magnet, they said Thursday.
The reason may be formation of a ferric oxide film on the surface of alumina grains during the filtration of water with a high concentration of iron.
In both cases, ferric oxide hydroxide appeared as a solid product along with some organic matter.
The second technology consists of the catalytic reaction (materials based on molybdenum or ferric oxide as catalysts) of the full oxidation of methanol interacted with oxygen.
The extent of its use could even be seen in the shore line, as it was stained red from all the remaining ferric oxide in the sand.
x] Assays use BD proprietary ferric oxide, FOX(TM) Extraction, and Strand Displacement Amplification technologies for the direct, qualitative detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae DNA.
Acute Toxicity of Ferric Oxide and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles in Rats.
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