ferric oxide

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a red oxide of iron

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Orange-gold Cupric nitrate 32 Silver carbonate 3 Red ochre 30 China clay 30 Silver/Gold Silver carbonate 20 Calcined china clay 64 Yellow ochre 12 Alumina hydrate 4 Red-gold Copper sulphide 19 Silver carbonate 2 Ferric oxide 16 China clay 63 The china clay is calcined on its own, but the remaining ingredients are mixed, then calcined.
The chemical ferric oxide is known as what, when used as a pigment and metal polish?
In Surface Complexation Modeling: Hydrous Ferric Oxide (1990), a surface-complexation model with a simple solid-water interface was developed in order to interpret available data for inorganic ion sorption on hydrous ferric oxide.
Old tapes recorded their information on ferric oxide.
The magnetic component of the direction-giving nanoparticles is usually an iron-based compound called ferric oxide which is coated in a biocompatible surface, sometimes using, for example, fatty acids, to provide stability during the particles journey through one's body.
The NASA Opportunity rover discovered ferric oxide deposits in Meridiani Planum, about 1000 km away.
Boiling, in addition to softening the scale making it easier to remove, converts the ferric oxide to ferro-ferric oxide, which is also known as black oxide.
Granular ferric oxide is an iron-based adsorbent that can capture both arsenate and arsenite, but in general, it functions best at or below a pH of 7, and both phosphates and silicates can interfere with its action.
In addition, the review focuses on the properties and uses of several specific alloys, including black steel, MMFX-II (a microcomposite steel), and various grades of ferritic (containing ferric oxide compounds), austenitic (containing carbon and other solutes in solid solution with iron), and duplex (ferrite plus austenite) types of stainless steels.
The sand cores were made predominately out of silica sand, which contained a significant amount of aluminum oxide as well as ferric oxide and calcium oxide.
The first effect pigment is a reddish orange which is comprised of aluminum flakes coated by ferric oxide to be used in the automotive paint market.
In fact, metal particle media dominates digital data storage media today thanks to the inroads made with the first generations of 4mm DDS and 8mm helical scan data recorders when most computer tape products were based on standard ferric oxide media.
David Kreller, MCIC of Queen's University ('Chemical Force Microscopy of Ferric Oxide Colloids Using a Phosphate-Coated Chemically Modified Tip/ D.
Researchers at an Ibaraki Prefecture institute have discovered a method of removing endocrine disrupters from water by using ferric oxide and a superconducting magnet, they said Thursday.