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of or relating to or containing iron


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Consumption for water treatment will remain the key application for ferric chloride, where wastewater is treated and recycled extensively for industrial, agricultural, and irrigation purposes.
Based on the results, ferric chloride and auxiliary anionic coagulants show a better performancein removing turbidity, total coliforms and thermotolerant coliform, but mixing and combination of other coagulants did not have significant impact on removing those items.
The aluminum coupons had brown stain on their surfaces after aging in the presence of Ferric Chloride at high initial concentration and high temperature and in the presence of Chloroparaffin at high concentration and both temperatures.
In this article, PPy was synthesized in various anionic surfactant solutions with ferric chloride as oxidant.
The objective of this paper is to ascertain which coagulants either ferric chloride or aluminium sulphate have the potential to form a larger floc and higher removal of turbidity.
To create GraphExeter, the Exeter team sandwiched molecules of ferric chloride between two layers of graphene.
o create GraphExeter, a team from the University of Exeter sandwiched molecules of ferric chloride between two layers of graphene.
Improvements will include installation of a 10-kilowatt solar array at the administration services building to provide a renewable energy source to offset the facility's power consumption; reprogramming of the plant's current Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system to enable more accurate energy usage monitoring; installation of new aeration blowers, controls and power monitoring to reduce energy usage across the plant; and implementation of a new biological phosphorus removal process to reduce or eliminate the highly corrosive and acidic chemical ferric chloride, which is currently used to treat phosphorus.
Materials that can be used in soluble form including copper sulphate, cobalt sulphate, iron sulphate, manganese sulphate, ferric chloride and silver nitrate.
Gee's solution was to recommend the supply of three of their Signal S300 dosing pumps for the safe and precise dosing of the highly corrosive, acidic and toxic ferric chloride, a dosing skid for effective control of the dosing and custom software to regulate the whole system.
In addition, aluminum chloride and ferric chloride may be used in clay-in-water solutions to form emulsifying agents for the synthetic asphalt and modified synthetic asphalt mixtures.
Ambrugey's sand filter technology uses a chemical pretreatment scheme using ferric chloride and a pH buffer added to the water.
The coagulation tests have used aluminium sulphate and ferric chloride.
The Rohm and Haas Kankakee site was acknowledged for reducing total energy consumption by 28%, water usage by more than four million gallons or 12%, and eliminating its use of ferric chloride by developing a replacement process with their local municipality.