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of or relating to or containing iron


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The report depicts the global and Chinese market of Ferric Oxide industry including capacity, production, production value, cost and profit, supply and demand and Chinese import-export.
The growing awareness towards health is the primary driver for the growth of ferric sulfate market.
Numerous bacterial genera have been identified which are able to reduce ferric iron, such as Pseudomonas, Bacillus, Bacteroides, Desulfovibrio, Sulfolobus, Thiobacillus, Shewanella, Desulfomonas, Desulforomusa, Geobacter, and Pelobacter.
Although the team did not find any spectral signature tied to water or salts, they did find distinct and consistent spectral signatures of ferric and ferrous minerals at most of the confirmed RSL sites.
The chemical properties and the physical properties for alum and ferric chloride coagulants used for the coagulation process are tabulated in Table 2 and the physical properties of the polyacrylamide coagulant aid used in the flocculation process is also tabulated in Table 2.
Observations from Mars Express show that the bright red dust covering much of the planet is enriched in ferric oxides.
As ferric pyrophosphate is not a finished food product, but used as an ingredient in very low amounts, detectable melamine contents of an ingredient will result in undetectable levels of melamine in the finished food product, not violating any current regulation nor causing a health risk," said the German firm.
The continuous phase ferric ion concentration in the emulsions increased with increasing chelator concentrations and storage time, up to seven days.
Gadgil and his team coat the ash particles with ferric hydroxide, which in turn bonds powerfully with available arsenic.
Strategy I plants utilize a combination of a ferric chelate reductase enzyme and a ferrous iron transporter to effectively take up iron, whereas Strategy II plants rely on the biosynthesis and secretion of phytosiderophores that chelate ferric iron in the rhizosphere and shuttle it back into the cells.
Ferric iron, the other form of the metal, generally lacks those drawbacks, but its particles are too large to be absorbed well by the body.
The lorry was carrying ferric sulphate, used in cleaning products, which gives off powerful fumes that can affect people's breathing.
In fact, metal particle media dominates digital data storage media today thanks to the inroads made with the first generations of 4mm DDS and 8mm helical scan data recorders when most computer tape products were based on standard ferric oxide media.
The coagulants used included aluminum sulfate, ferric sulfate, and ferric chloride with dosages of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 mg/l.
Hundreds of gallons of the watercleaning chemical ferric chloride exploded and caught fire after the tanker was involved in an accident on the southbound carriageway of the A465 between Resolven and Clun on the outskirts of Neath.