ferret badger

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small ferret-like badger of southeast Asia

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Second, according to a recent survey about wildlife, the ferret badger population has been increasing in the past 5 years (L.
The close relationship between the shrew RABV and ferret badger RABV collected from the same area suggests that the former probably resulted from spillover from the latter (Figure 5, panel B, Appendix).
The study found several coronaviruses closely related genetically to the SARS coronavirus in the raccoon dog and the masked palm civet, and also discovered antibodies against the SARS coronavirus in the Chinese ferret badger, the WHO official said.
For example, the Chinese ferret badger (Melogale moschata) has been associated with human rabies for several years, although diagnoses have not been confirmed (1-4).
From 1994 through 2004, 12 (60%) of 20 human rabies cases in Huzhou, and 17 (77%) of 22 human rabies cases in Hangzhou were associated with ferret badger exposure.
They ordered the mass slaughter of civets and related species, including racoon dogs, Chinese ferret badgers,hog badgers and Eurasian badgers.
Live wildlife in markets in Guangzhou, China, trade in masked palm civets, ferret badgers, barking deer, wild boars, hedgehogs, foxes, squirrels, bamboo rats, gerbils, various species of snakes, and endangered leopard cats, along with domestic dogs, cats, and rabbits (2).